By Maureen Lee Lenker
June 12, 2018 at 08:29 PM EDT
Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Anthony Bourdain fans can rest a little easier now. Netflix announced on Twitter on Tuesday that Bourdain’s popular travel show, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, will remain available on the streaming platform for months to come.

The show was originally scheduled to come down from Netflix on June 16, which many fans were begging be changed in the wake of Bourdain’s death last week.

It appears their pleas have been heard as Netflix shared a statement on Twitter, writing, “Some fans have noticed that Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was scheduled to come off Netflix US on June 16. As of today, we’ve extended our agreement that will keep Parts Unknown on the service for months to come.”

The celebrity chef and television host was found dead in his hotel room in France on the morning of Friday, June 8. Since then, fans and colleagues have shared countless tributes.

Over the past weekend, CNN aired a three-night tribute to Bourdain, sharing his favorite episodes of Parts Unknown and a new special titled Remembering Anthony Bourdain.