By Samantha Highfill
June 10, 2018 at 01:35 PM EDT
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At this point, The Good Fight is known for tackling current issues, and most notably, its head-on handling of the Trump administration. But that wasn’t always the plan.

During a panel at the ATX Television Festival, showrunners Robert and Michelle King revealed that, going into season 2, the plan was to tackle tort reform. “We were going to make the most suspenseful tort reform show on TV,” Robert joked. But it was evident early on that that wasn’t the way to go. Quickly, one of the writers made the suggestion that “If this were Grey’s Anatomy, we’d have a killer loose killing doctors.” And suddenly, the season changed.

From there, the changes kept coming. Robert King admitted that they weren’t originally planning on talking about Trump in season 2. But when the current administration started to be the constant topic of conversation in the writers’ room, they realized they couldn’t get away from it. The question then became how they were going to handle it. “They’re responding to what they see in the administration,” Michelle said of the characters on the show. Robert added, “At a certain point, do you take on the characteristics of the enemies you’re fighting?”

When asked if they plan to continue tackling the Trump administration, Michelle said, “Unlike most shows, we’re not only present day, we’re present day where the present administration is actually in charge. That gives us an opportunity.” Robert added that part of season 3 will be exploring how “part of the problem is TV itself.” Season 3 will be “very meta,” Robert said, revealing that the year will kick-off with a credit sequence filled with an exploding television set.

Other panel highlights:

—When asked about story lines that hit the cutting room floor in season 2, Robert said he’d love to tell a story about Kevin Williamson’s firing from The Atlantic.

—When asked if they’ve ever had to apologize for something in their career, Robert joked, “I still feel like I have to apologize for Kalinda’s husband.”

—Robert revealed that they wanted Alan Cumming to be a part of season 2 of The Good Fight. “We tried to get him back for the impeachment episode instead of Margo Martindale. It was supposed to be Alan. But when Cumming was busy with Instinct, Martindale stepped in.

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