By Samantha Highfill
June 10, 2018 at 02:21 PM EDT
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It sounds like Felicity’s hair could once again grace your television (or movie theater) screen. Or at least, Noel’s hair.

During the Felicity reunion panel at the ATX Television Festival, the cast members were asked if they’d be interested in a revival series or a Felicity movie. Rob Benedict quickly joked, “I’m in!” Greg Grunberg wasn’t far behind saying, “I just love this,” about sitting on stage with all of his former castmates.

After a few jokes about how they should do something different together, Scott Foley chimed in. He recalled that in a recent interview, he said no to the reboot idea because, “I feel that the show was so specific to the characters in that time of their lives that to do it again would be an injustice to the show that we all made and we all love.”

However, sitting on that stage with all his old costars, Foley had a bit of a change of heart. “I would kind of love to work with you guys,” Foley said. “I would love the opportunity to find out what happened to Richard, to Javier, to Julie, to Elena. I don’t know how it would work; I don’t know what the story would be, but I would love that opportunity.”

Scott Speedman also weighed in, saying, “There’s a way to make it work, to see where we are now.”

Foley, bringing the answer to an end, looked around the stage and told his former costars, “I’ve missed you guys.”

Other highlights from the panel include:

—Amanda Foreman was asked about what was inside the mystery box, to which she shared her theory: “I thought maybe it was a confession to a murder or something.… Or it could be a finger. Maybe a finger.” (Executive producer Lawrence said, “It was the key to the hatch in Lost.”)

—Despite what the Felicity soundtrack says, Amy Jo Johnson did NOT sing the theme song. “It says that I did it. I didn’t do the theme song,” she said.

—When talking about the ending of the show and how they added five episodes at the last minute, Foley did not remember Noel and Felicity having sex on a roof. He also did not remember that Noel died. Foley joked, “It all makes sense to me now. She chose Ben because I died.”

—Russell once again told the story of her haircut, which started when she sent executive producer J.J. Abrams a photo of her in a wig and joked that she cut her hair. She then got a phone call from Abrams asking, “Would you really cut your hair?” To this day, Russell thinks that was a cool story. “I thought that was such a good story line,” Russell said, admitting that she didn’t realize the impact it would have. “I didn’t know that everyone cared so much about the way I looked.”

As for the haircut scene itself, they filmed it at 4 a.m., and yes, they really cut her hair. But only some of it. She went straight to the salon following the shoot and had the rest cut off.

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