Marcy Carsey, the uber-successful executive producer who helped to make Roseanne Barr a household name in the ’90s, said she would not move on with Roseanne without its namesake star.

When approached at the Austin TV Festival where she was honored Thursday.with the ATX Award in Television Excellence, the Carsey-Werner Productions founder told THR that she “would have a very difficult time” continuing with the comedy following the controversy surrounding Barr’s now-infamous racist tweet. Carsey’s former partner Tom Werner is producing a possible spinoff of Roseanne without Barr at the helm.

“I think I would not,” said Carsey. “I think I would just say, ‘Okay, we had a wonderful run. I love the show we did all those years ago,’ and I would just move on.”

Carsey also said she agreed with ABC’s decision to cancel the show after Barr’s racist tweet. “I totally understand why they made that decision, and I’m comfortable with it,” she said. “I just think it wasn’t what the network wanted represented.”

In a Q&A with Carsey, the mega-producer was also asked to reflect on the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby. The Cosby Show was another one of Carsey-Werner’s huge success stories back in the ’80s.

“All I can say is that life gives you these surprises,” said Carsey. “The Roseanne political stance, what a surprise. Bill Cosby…the guy that we worked with, the guy we knew him to be or thought him to be was a wonderful collaborator, a brilliant guy, very kind-hearted. When anyone was sick or had a loss, he was right there. So it was a shocker. All these decades later to have these revelations, it’s awful — but it happens.”