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Ocean’s 8 showcases the all-star assemblage of Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, and Awkwafina. Then there’s James Corden.

No, seriously. Corden has a minor role in Ocean’s 8, which is playing in theaters now. It’s cool if you didn’t know because, in a new sketch for The Late Late Show, his cast mates totally forgot about it, too.

Bullock, Blanchett, Hathaway, Paulson, Kaling, and Awkwafina reminisce about their bonding experience on set during the tail end of a press tour when they realize Corden had been sitting next to them the whole time. “Oh, James, I didn’t know you were here,” Paulson said.

Corden, apparently, takes his role a little too seriously. As the music of Vitamin C’s quintessential high school “Graduation” song begins to play, the late-show host forms delusions of his own bonding experience on the Ocean’s 8 set. When he starts tearing up in front of his castmates, saying how much he’ll miss them, they have no idea what he’s talking about.

Soon, the backstage area turns into a high school scenario with backpacks, lockers, and yearbook signings — only instead of yearbooks, they sign each other’s scripts.

Watch the sketch in the video above.

Ocean's 8
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