Step aside, Meghan Markle.

Can you feel the love tonight?

You’ll certainly be able to next week, when Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings premieres on Freeform Monday night. The series follows the format of the two TV specials of the same name that came before it, documenting various couples’ fairy-dusted nuptials, proposals, and anniversaries hosted at different Disney destinations.

The series showcases the enchanting work of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons team, which has coordinated thousands of romantic celebrations at Disney parks around the world, sprinkling some Mouse House magic on every element of the day — from the clothes to the cake to the occasional surprise appearance of special guests. To guide us through this whole new world of happily ever after, husband-and-wife hosting duo Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker are on hand as, in Boss’ words, “the Jiminy Crickets of the fairy tale weddings.”

Ahead of Monday’s premiere, EW spoke with one of the couples that gets the Disney treatment in Fairy Tale Weddings, Nate and Brian — whose entire relationship can be mapped out in Disney moments, starting with when they first met in 2006.

Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

“It was kind of love at first sight, if you will, and I knew I wanted to do something really spontaneous and really special to capture this guy’s attention,” Nate says, so he took Brian on a surprise trip to Walt Disney World for their first date. Living in Florida, they went back many times over the years, so the choice to hold their wedding at the park was natural, “because of how much time we have spent and how big a part Disney has played in our lives, both separate and together.”

No detail is too small for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings team to make special, and Nate and Brian’s wedding at Walt Disney World’s Yacht and Beach Club in 2016 was perfectly tailored to them while also being filled with Disney touches like hidden Mickeys — tiny Mickey Mouse silhouettes discreetly worked into the aisle runner, the bouquets, and their bow ties, for instance — and a pair of very special guests.

“No matter how old you get, you love to see Mickey and Minnie,” Nate admits. “Especially when they come dance with you and help you cut your cake at your wedding.”

For their first anniversary, the couple returned to the park, for what was “just going to be a trip to Walt Disney World, with a few surprises here and there, like Disney likes to do,” Nate says. “I didn’t know that actually, Brian had been working with Disney to do a little surprise for me.”

After exiting the Frozen attraction, who should pop out of nowhere but those Jiminy Crickets, Boss and Holker! The Fairy Tale Weddings hosts surprised Nate and Brian with a video message from Caissie Levy and Patti Murin, who star as Elsa and Anna, respectively, in Frozen on Broadway. In the video, the actresses congratulated the couple on their anniversary — and said they couldn’t wait to meet them.

From there, the Fairy Tale Weddings crew, having conspired with Brian, whisked the pair off to New York to see Frozen on Broadway. After the show, they met with the whole cast backstage and got to hang out with Levy. “I would have been perfectly fine with just Walt Disney World,” Nate says of their anniversary, “But Brian went above and beyond. I’m typically the planner in our relationship… but he’s pretty good with surprises.”

Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

Experts that they are, we asked Nate and Brian some essential questions about romance à la Disney. On the most romantic spot in each park in Walt Disney World…
In the Magic Kingdom: “Standing right in the middle of Main Street for fireworks is probably one of our favorite spots, or doing one of the very unique dessert parties, [in which] you get to go into your reserved area to see the fireworks and the Happily Ever After show. That’s just so romantic. Walt Disney always said fireworks were the ‘kiss goodnight.’”
In Epcot: “Anywhere in the world showcase! Going into, you know, France, you can [find] very special spots there where it’s not very busy, and it’s very secluded, and you can go in and get some delicious desserts.”
At Hollywood Studios: “The whole Hollywood romance, the 1920s and ‘30s — there’s just so many good spots in Hollywood Studios! Probably right at Hollywood Blvd., going up to the Tower of Terror, going to see Beauty and the Beast there.”
In the Animal Kingdom: “Going on safari at Animal Kingdom. Being able to be together and see these animals is pretty special.”

And their favorite Disney love songs…
“’Love Is an Open Door,’ from Frozen, is such a great song. So many songs from Beauty and the Beast are just incredible… and ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin.”

And finally, the Disney love story with which they identify the most…
“We’ve been together now for 12 years, we got together being so young, and we’re so blessed to have made it for so long and then to have gotten married and now experience everything together, [so] The Lion King definitely comes to mind,” Nate says. “Being from Wisconsin, I moved to Florida not knowing anyone, and Brian having moved from New York to Florida, and us meeting [there] — it’s kind of like we’re Simba and Nala, finding each other in the forest.”

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings airs Monday, June 11, at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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