By Nick Romano
June 06, 2018 at 09:04 AM EDT

Harry Styles isn’t the only pop star dream boat who can hold his own during a late-night talk show monologue. During his weeklong residency on The Late Late Show, Shawn Mendes took over James Corden‘s opening spot on Tuesday night — unbeknownst to the host.

Mendes tried kicking things off with some “topical jokes” about EPA head Scott Pruitt spending $1,560 on custom-made fountain pens. The 19-year-old “Youth” singer got in a few quips, like, “In his defense, Scott Pruitt thought the EPA stood for Expensive Pen Agency.” Then Corden stormed on stage.

“I am thrilled that you’re here all week, but the monologue is mine!” the comic shouted. “This, right here, this is James time,” he added.

Mendes suggested they do a “Shawn-ologue,” which is just the opening monologue performed by him, but Corden wasn’t having it. Mendes then clicked a button and turned the Late Late Show sign into the Late Late Shawn sign, and Corden really wasn’t having it.

Mendes kicked off his late-night residency on Monday with a Carpool Karaoke sketch involving Harry Potter-themed costume changes, ice hockey, and talk of Justin Bieber’s dirty underwear. (No, really!) He also hit the stage to perform “Lost in Japan” and “Nervous” this week.

Watch his latest bit in the clip above.

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