On the series' 20th anniversary, we couldn't help but wonder...
SEX AND THE CITY, (Season 3), Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, 1998
Credit: Everett Collection

Of all the myriad things Sex and the City left us, this is, perhaps, the greatest of all.

We're talking about the show that gave us cosmopolitans. It gave us pretentious girl-squad brunch. It gave us nameplate necklaces, tutus, outrageously impractical footwear. But greater than these things — greater even than flower brooches and Magnolia Bakery — is the essential question of which of the series' four heroines you are.

It isn't a matter of whose storyline you enjoyed the most, or whose style you liked the best, or whose love interest you desired above all the others. It's who you are. Pair your answer with the Hogwarts House you'd be sorted into, and you've got the pop-culture equivalent of your Meyers–Briggs type. The series finale aired in 2004 and the second (and apparently final) movie installment bowed back in 2010, but the personality question has proven more timeless than much of Carrie's wardrobe.

Sex and the City, which debuted 20 years ago, gave us a New York City at the turn of the millennium that doesn't exist anymore — and maybe never truly did — but will last forever. So in that New York, the New York dressed by Patricia Field's wild imagination and scored with jazzy saxophone and voiced-over rhetorical questions, who are you? Take the quiz to find out, once and for all. <div class="apester-media" data-media-id="5a7c995e058c3c0001c15069" height="600"></div><script async src="//static.apester.com/js/sdk/v2.0/apester-javascript-sdk.min.js"></script>

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