It’s time to feel young(er) again!

On Tuesday June 5, TVLand’s cult comedy returns for its fifth season with a whole new tangle of white lies and love triangles (pentagons by this point?) in tow.

When we left off in season 4, Liza (Sutton Foster) was planning to Irish exit her ex’s (Nico Tortorella) wedding after he told her he loved her but, knowing they wanted different things, had to put a ring between them. Professionally, things were just as complicated as Liza edited her other love interest Charles’ (Peter Hermann) ex-wife’s tell-all book about the demise of their marriage. And let’s not forget the book editor is still trying to pass as twenty-something at work and beyond. Being 27 in your forties sounds exhausting, right?

Ahead of the season premiere, we caught up with Foster to get a read on what’s to come.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where do we pick up the new season?
SUTTON FOSTER: We really pick up exactly where we left off. The last image we got of season 4 was Liza watching Josh get married to Clare and then we see Charles calling her on the phone. Now Liza’s s back in NYC and heading back to work, ready to find out what Charles was calling about it.

She looked pretty heartbroken in that final scene seeing Josh married. Is that because she still has feelings for him or because she’s worried he’s making a mistake?
It’s a mix of the two. I think that Josh represents something really important to Liza. He’s a big part of her rebirth or reinvention. He’s a huge part of her life. She will always love him, but she also knows that she can’t give him the life that she thinks he wants, so she sets him free. It’s bittersweet and there’s real loss and sadness there — but she’s also hoping he’s doing the right thing.

Is Josh doing the right thing?
Well…He has a big episode coming up. Stuff goes down for him in episode 2 with the repercussions of Ireland and realizing what he’s done. Everything sort of changes after the first episode and then, after episode 2, everything changes even further for Josh. The whole world kind of gets flipped upside down.

Eek! Where does that leave things with Liza and Charles?
I will say that this is the season of Liza and Charles — it really is. Are they skipping through the fields happily ever after? Of course not, because this is Younger, but I definitely feel like it gives fans a glimpse into the relationship that we haven’t seen yet, and that’s exciting. They get some hard moments, but we get some really good moments as well.

Can you tease any upcoming plot lines?
I’ll just say that season 5 is where Liza kind of grows up and starts to take responsibility for her actions; she gets some balls. It’s a real roller coaster, because between season 4 ending and season 5 starting, the real world changed. Darren Star and the writers had an opportunity to do the right thing and represent that [while] also creating a lot of drama for the show. There’s so many [gasps] moments, but that’s what makes the show so much fun; I’ve just had a ball.

Speaking of “gasp” moments, have you read the real-life version of the tie-in novel Marriage Vacation or more specifically page 58?
I started to read that page, but I couldn’t — it was so salacious! I think it’ll be a really fun summer read. It’s wild for us to see it actually exist and go, “My character edited this!” [Laughs] I did a really good job, right?

Younger returns Tuesday, June 5 at 10 p.m. ET on TV Land.

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