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May 31, 2018 at 06:31 PM EDT

Queer Eye’s Fab 5 — Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness — spent five days with each of the people they make over make better in the Netflix docuseries, returning June 15 with an eight-episode second season. And with each episode coming in around 50 minutes (less, in most cases), that means a lot of footage ended up on the cutting room floor.

When the guys sat down with EW following their Summer Preview cover shoot, they dished on some of those scenes that got cut (read about how Antoni changed Tom’s fate here), and revealed that the interaction with police in episode 3 was never supposed to go down like it did.

Cory — Episode 3, “Dega Don’t”

BOBBY BERK: One thing you didn’t see… is it was all about us getting him to spend more time with his daughters and his wife. Him and I completely redid his daughter’s playhouses outside. We painted it pink, and planted flowers around it.

JONATHAN VAN NESS: I had a gorgeous back handspring in that episode…

KARAMO BROWN: I know that.

VAN NESS: …that got cut out. And my gorgeous back handspring in the ballroom scene [in episode 8].… When we got to that lake, I taught him how to do his girl’s hair, but we had to do it in the trailer because I wouldn’t do it outside because it was 175 degrees outside. And they were like, “What’s the big deal? It’s a lake, it’s so pretty.” I was like, “Here’s the deal:. I’m not having a 33-year-old man who’s never held a curling iron in his entire life holding a curling iron over his bare-shouldered 6-year-old daughters next to a lake where we are all sweating so much. That thing is precarious and dangling — no, no, no. We’re just going to do it in the thing, we can put a towel on a little smock to make sure their shoulders are safe.”

Credit: Netflix

BROWN: When we got pulled over… we were all surprised, we didn’t know what was happening.… I was scared to death. Tan and I kept looking back at each other and saying, “Something’s about to go down,” and Jonathan as well was like, “Don’t get out of the car.” He kept saying, “Don’t get out of the car,” and was recording. Because we were all really, really fearful. I mean, I never get emotional about this episode… but when [Jonathan] said to me, “Don’t get out of the car,” he kept saying it because he was directly behind me. “Don’t get out of the car. Don’t get out of the car.” And there’s crews around, but he was so afraid for me to get out of the car because he had experienced it, he has so many friends of color who have gone through it, that he’s been harassed. And I was like, “This is real. This is really real.”

FRANCE: Production staff did come over to our car…

POROWSKI: [The officer] told them to back away.

VAN NESS: He was really committed.… I had my phone out, and he’s like, “You aren’t allowed to…” and I was like, “Oh, I know my rights, you can definitely record. I’m definitely recording.”

BROWN: I’ve said this many times in interviews: Netflix didn’t want me to drive that day.… I forced myself into the driver’s seat.

BERK: I knew it was gonna happen, and I was supposed to be in the driver’s seat. When I was scouting the location with production in the beginning, I saw a cop car and I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you guys had them pull us over on the way?” And in their minds I guess they were like, “Yeah, it would be funny.” So they knew, since I had originally been a part of that conversation, that if we got pulled over, I would be like, “Guys, this isn’t real.” … It was a long drive, and if [Karamo’s] not driving, he falls asleep. So he’s like “I wanna drive, ’cause otherwise I’m gonna fall asleep.” And I’m like “No, no, no, it’s my turn to drive.”

BROWN: Production was like, “You can’t drive, you can’t drive.” I was like, “I’m driving today because I’m gonna fall asleep.”

BERK: It was never supposed to be that serious of a situation. It was supposed to be comedic, it was supposed to be funny.

BROWN: But it turned into something great, because we allowed ourselves to be open.

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AJ — Episode 4, “To Gay or Not Too Gay”

VAN NESS: We did a gorgeous yoga class for AJ.

BERK: We did a gorgeous yoga class where Karamo wanted to wear shoes and a baseball cap while doing yoga.

BROWN: I did wear shoes.

VAN NESS: Although he might look like a Greek god athlete, these muscles are for show only, and he knows nothing about fitness.

BROWN: I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it. But Jonathan was the best teacher ever.

VAN NESS: But one thing about that is… that was fun, and this is for anyone with yoga: The hardest part of going to yoga for the first time is, like, going to yoga for the first time. So just being able to see, like, oh, it’s not that bad, you just look it up online, you go to the schedule, and you just, like, go. It’s seriously not that complicated, but it’s like, it’s a really good way to connect with yourself and listen to yourself breathe and work out in a cute way. It’s fun.

Credit: Netflix

BERK: Another thing you didn’t see in the AJ episode — everyone was so, not heartbroken, but heart-happy about the letter that he wrote to his father. And that was the way he came out. What you didn’t see was, Karamo was actually the one that said, “You should write a letter to your father and express your feelings, and it will help you read that to your step-mother, and that can help you.”

TAN FRANCE: Also, in AJ’s episode… Antoni and I went to Lacoste and did a scene in there, and it was the first time that I noticed this one thing.

BERK: How hot he was?

FRANCE: It was my first scene with him, without the rest of the boys. And so I tell him to go into the fitting room with the clothes that I want him to try on. He goes to the fitting room, and Antoni and I are waiting outside. When he’s ready — the way it works is, the cameras are set up, and we go in, and we do our scene, and we don’t stop, and once it’s done it’s done. And we go, “Holy f—,” and so we had to stop, and they’re like, “Let’s stop, let’s stop.” Because we can’t control how shocked about how incredibly knocked his body is. So that’s the end. It was shocking.

ANTONI POROWSKI: Sports-edition Lacoste shirts are not very forgiving.

FRANCE: His body was literally insane.

Bobby Camp — Episode 5, “Camp Rules”

BROWN: In Bobby’s episode, I took him for a job interview. I did his résumé, got him trained, and took him for a job interview that…

FRANCE: That’s why you turned up at the barber shop.

Credit: Netflix

BROWN: That’s why I turned up at the barber shop, and people were like, “Why were you at the barber shop?”… I was thinking, “If you don’t have time for your wife and your kids because of your job, then I’m going to help you get a job.” But it didn’t make sense with the story, because it was all about redoing a wedding. And so my field trip with him was to get him out of his rut, financially. So people didn’t get to see that. And he was so happy, he cried at the interview, because he was like, “Oh my gosh, I feel like I deserve more as a job.” And it was like a transformation for him.

POROWSKI: Did he get it?

BROWN: He did get that job. Yeah, he did.

POROWSKI: So he’s not working until 5 in the morning?

BROWN: Well, I don’t know if he took it.

FRANCE: Yeah, he’s working with the city now.

Joe — Episode 7, “Below Average Joe”

Credit: Netflix

POROWSKI: I got a lot of flack for Joe Gallois for not supposedly showing him anything with food. I will say, we did a beautiful farro bowl, with meal prep, and taught him how to get ingredients ahead of time, to like plan your meal planning on Sunday and follow it through, through the week. We did three really nice smoothies that didn’t make it.

BERK: I got a lot of flack for taking Joe Gallois from the upstairs bedroom and putting him in his basement. I’m like, what was I supposed to do, rent him an apartment?

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