By Ruth Kinane and Derek Lawrence
May 31, 2018 at 09:00 AM EDT
  • TV Show

It’s summer, which means it’s time to figure out your vacation plans. Or, if you’re two fist-pumping EW writers, it’s time to figure out the vacation plans for the cast of Jersey Shore.

After a five-year hiatus, America’s favorite professional partiers returned to our lives in April with Jersey Shore Family Vacation. And while many things have changed over the years for Pauly D, The Situation, Snooki, Deena, JWOWW, Vinny, and Ronnie, their trip to Miami quickly showed that they can still GTL, club, and start drama with the best of them.

So with the season 1 finale approaching and filming on Family Vacation season 2 about to begin, EW’s resident GTL experts have a few suggestions for where the cast should party next (read their own opinions here).


I know what you’re thinking, the season in Italy wasn’t as good as those on U.S. soil. But that’s why we need a redo! Personally, I’d love to see the gang return to the motherland, try and wrangle a meeting with the pope, confuse the Sistine Chapel with the Basilica, watch Vinny struggle to avoid carbs in the birthplace of pizza and pasta and just generally enjoy all the molto ubriaco behavior. Granted “Palestra, Abbronzatura, Lavanderia” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily “Gym, Tan. Laundry,” but it does spell out PAL and that, to me, seems like good enough reason to hit up the Italian capital! — Ruth Kinane


The Balearic Islands have long been the ultimate party destination for young Brits and even some wealthier Americans willing to make the trip, so I don’t see why the Jersey Shore crew shouldn’t get a chance to rave to EDM in some of the biggest, wildest clubs in Europe too. It’s also known for it’s stunning sunsets, meaning if Ronnie and Snooki could just figure out the difference between a sunset and a sunrise, they’d be all set. — R.K.


Can’t you just hear the chants of Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oy! Oy! Oy! already? I know it’d be an expensive trip, MTV, but come on, mate, send the cast down under. They’d throw some shrimp on the barbie for Sunday dinner, bask on Bondi Beach, get on the goon (Google it), and I’m sure the guys would fail horribly attempting to surf master surfing at some point. There’s also the added hilarity of watching Snooki and Deena come face to face with Australian bugs. — R.K.



Ah, Gay Paree! The home of The Louvre, the Sacré-Cœur, the Arc de Triomphe. Too classy for the JS crew? Mai, non! But, also, quite possibly. Still, I’d like to see the gang take on the iconic city, snapping pics at all the landmark sites, curing hangovers with copious amounts of bread and brie, and generally being hated on by disapproving Parisians. Plus, we already know Ronnie has a taste for French fries. Quelle dommage. — R.K.

New Orleans

Y’all knew Nawlins would make the list! A popular party town for brides-to-be and their bachelorette parties, the Louisiana destination has everything the cast needs: alcohol in buckets (literally), spicy food/ fried pastry treats, bars that stay open to the wee hours, and like I mentioned before, bachelorette parties ready to flash their breasts and fall in love on Bourbon Street. Switch up the chains for some Mardi Gras beads, boys, and party like they do in the French Quarter! — R.K.

Las Vegas

I’m not sure if this can be fully classified as a vacation since Pauly and Ronnie live in Sin City, but the suggestion comes from the Keto Guido, himself. “Vegas,” Vinny previously told EW of where he’d like to go for season 2. “I like traveling abroad, but there are some challenges that come with that. I love going to places like Miami where that’s our habitat, like put us in our habitat. It’s like putting a lion in the jungle and seeing what happens. So I’d love to do that.” As long these lions stay away from Mike Tyson’s tiger. — Derek Lawrence

Los Angeles

Did I select this solely so that I might get the chance to hang out with them? But then did I instantly realize that I would never be able to get into any bar/club/gym/tanning salon that they would go to? A journalist never reveals his embarrassing secrets. Honestly, though, think about the amazing C-list celebrity cameo possibilities! I, for one, can’t wait to see Jersey Shore meets Vanderpump Rules. — D.L.

Amish Country

I dare you to tell me that you wouldn’t watch this. It would be like the ultimate Rumspringa. Just imagine Snooki churning butter, Pauly D making furniture, and the cabs arriving, only to be horse-drawn buggies. — D.L.

Floribama Shore

Who doesn’t love a crossover? Before Family Vacation was announced, Floribama Shore was supposed to be Jersey Shore for a new generation. Well, what MTV didn’t realize is that every generation loves MVP. I’m sure these youngsters are good kids, so why not give them the chance to learn from the best? Pauly D can show them how to perfectly blow dry their hair, Deena can take them down the Jersey turnpike, and Mike can prove that there’s more to a situation than abs. — D.L.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.