Build Presents Joey Graceffa Discussing His Hosting Role In The YouTube Red Surreality Competition Series, "Escape The Night"
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Just when you thought the cast for Escape the Night season 3 couldn’t get any better, Joey Graceffa announced the final three cast members joining him on his crazy adventure.

YouTubers Jc Caylen, MatPat, and Colleen Ballinger — a.k.a. Miranda Sings — will all be braving the deadly carnival alongside their friends.

Gamer MatPat will be using his analytical approach to help him as The Detective. You could say he also went method to prepare for the role, telling EW, “not only did I watch the first two seasons, I studied them like I was cramming for finals! I tried to figure out the types of puzzles the show used, tried to unlock the mysteries of the story line, study the types of characters who tended to make it the furthest,” MatPat says. That doesn’t mean, however, the process was smooth sailing. “This season was a lot different than the previous two with way more twists,” he explains, “so even with all my studying up, I was on my toes from the beginning. But you can’t say I didn’t try!”

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It seems Jc Caylen will be relying on flower power to survive.

The Hippie
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Colleen Ballinger has traded in her Miranda Sings getup with a sleeker look as The Disco Dancer.

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