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Joey Graceffa has been teasing the third season of his pseudo-reality YouTube series, Escape the Night, on social media for days but has been tight-lipped about who would be joining him on his newest adventure. Until now.

Graceffa confirmed Tuesday that beauty and fashion vloggers Nikita Dragun, Safiya Nygaard, and Teala Dunn are all part of the carnival-themed season.

Dragun will be stirring up quite a bit of drama throughout the season as The Troublemaker.

“I was so shook about [learning I was going to be part of season three], said Dragun. “I was just so shocked. I’ve been such a crazy fan of the past seasons…It was as if someone was asking you to be on your favorite show ever.”

“I guess I’m a little bit of trouble,” Dragun tells EW. “I definitely do cause quite a bit of trouble in this season. More often than not, I feel like trouble follows me.”


Nygaard is The Investigative Reporter and will be sure to use those skills to discover the truth of what is really going on in the magical town.


Dunn will be running for her life in a leather jumpsuit as The Super Spy.


While Graceffa says that he chose each YouTuber’s role based on “outfits and styles” over personality — “Fashion first!” he jokes — the social star had a more specific vision in mind for this new season. “I wanted the location to be vastly different than season one and two,” he explains. “So when Escape the Night director Adam Lawson and I found this Western town, I was like ‘hmm…I love this.”

Though a Western-themed show wasn’t the desire, the setting did spark some creative ideas: “I came up with a carnival story line to splash some color and sprinkle some darkness into the town.”

But Graceffa warns that the season won’t just be carnival rides and cotton candy, teasing there will be “LOTS of tears, fights, alliances, and DRAMA.”

Check back with EW the rest of the week for more cast reveals.