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Former model Scott Brunton, who accused Star Trek actor George Takei of sexually assaulting him in 1981, has now admitted he didn’t consider their encounter to be an “attack.” He also didn’t remember Takei ever groping him, and he copped to fabricating certain details.

The Observer, which conducted multiple interviews with Brunton, further presented him with evidence from toxicologists suggesting Takei never drugged him, despite an initial claim. “It makes him a little less sinister,” Brunton now says.

Takei responded to the Observer story in a series of tweets: “As many of you know, this has been a very difficult period for myself and my husband Brad as we have dealt with the impact of these accusations, but we are happy to see that this nightmare is finally drawing to a close.

“As I stated before, I do not remember Mr. Brunton or any of the events he described from forty years ago, but I do understand that this was part of a very important national conversation that we as a society must have, painful as it might be. It is in that spirit that I want folks to know, despite what he has put us through, I do not bear Mr. Brunton any ill will, and I wish him peace. Brad and I are especially grateful for the many fans who stood by me throughout this ordeal. Your support kept us going, and we are so immensely thankful for you.”

Observer writer Shane Snow interviewed Brunton, his friends, Takei’s friends and former colleagues, and medical experts — the latter of which ruled out date rape drugs when presented with Brunton’s symptoms.

Brunton, now 60, initially came forward to The Hollywood Reporter for a report published in November. He claimed that, when he was 23, he was invited to Takei’s condo for drinks, which made him feel “very disoriented and dizzy.” Brunton, believing he was going to pass out, said he sat down in a “giant yellow beanbag chair” and “must’ve passed out.” He said he came to and found Takei “had my pants down around my ankles and he was groping my crotch and trying to get my underwear off and feeling me up at the same time, trying to get his hands down my underwear.”

When Brunton allegedly pushed him off and told him to stop, Takei backed off. Brunton had said he waited until he was sober and drove home shortly after.

Brunton later told The Oregonian, “I know unequivocally he spiked my drink.” To The Observer, however, he recalled, “One hand is on my underwear, and the other hand is kind of like on my butt, trying to pull the elastics, you know? I mean, all of my weight is on the underwear.”

When asked whether he remembered Takei touching his genitals, Brunton said, “You know…probably… He was clearly on his way to…to…to going somewhere.” He then admitted he didn’t remember this detail, according to Snow.

Brunton said he always thought of the incident as “a great party story” that “didn’t scar him,” “wasn’t painful,” and that he “rarely thought of” until Takei’s “name popped up.” It was only when the topic of date rape drugs and the Bill Cosby scandal came to light that he thought he could have been drugged, Brunton said.

“He was 20 years older than me and short,” Brunton recalled of Takei. “And I wasn’t attracted to Asian men. … I was a hot, surfer, California boy type, that he probably could have only gotten had he bought, paid for or found someone just willing to ride on his coattails of fame.”

Brunton also admitted to fabricating a coffee date he claimed to have with Takei, Snow wrote.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m so vengeful, but, I mean, you do want to get back at someone like that that has done something like that,” Brunton said. “If it just tarnishes their reputation a little bit, well, that’s what you get for doing what you did.” According to Snow, Brunton only “wanted to spur an old friend to reach out and to say sorry for an unwanted situation.”