Jimmy Fallon‘s Jinx game is harder than the description makes it sound. Mindy Kaling of Ocean’s 8 and Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live! tried their luck on The Tonight Show Wednesday night, and both found it nearly impossible to mind meld with their partners.

Each team was given a category and the players then had three chances to name the same word pertaining to said category at the same time. In other words, they needed to jinx each other.

Kaling, paired with Tarik Trotter of The Roots, was first tasked with naming alternate words for marijuana. The writer and actor couldn’t figure out more than two beyond “weed” and “reefer,” though she and Trotter may or may not have cheated a little to score at least two points.

Fallon, who was matched with Cohen, considered himself an expert on his first category, nuts, but couldn’t get his partner to name the same words he was thinking of. Watching these folks freak out trying to sync up with each other has to be the most delightful part of this challenge.

See the full video above.

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