By Lynette Rice
May 24, 2018 at 11:08 AM EDT

After slaying at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Michelle Wolf is launching a weekly series, The Break with Michelle Wolf, May 27 on Netflix. We talked to The Daily Show alum, 32, about what to expect from her new show, and how her now infamous stand-up routine changed her (for the better).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: All this attention from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner has been great for the launch of your Netflix show. Does it feel that way?
MICHELLE WOLF: I think it’s awesome! If people hated what I did at the dinner, they’re really going to hate my show.

Did Netflix do their research before they greenlit the show?
I pitched the show to Netflix. I think they knew exactly who they were getting.

What will the format be?
I call it topical stand-up. Instead of the standard setup-punchline monologue jokes, I turn them into stand-up bits. It will look more like a stand-up special than straight-to-camera delivery. We’re giving audience members little voting machines. I ask them questions and try to get their honest answers and opinions. And then I’ll have a desk segment. I won’t be interviewing anyone. It’s more like me and a comedian ranting.

Will you address the WHCD in the first episode?
I think that I’ve talked about it as much as I’m going to talk about it. I don’t really like to dwell. Hopefully, we can just keep doing that type of comedy but apply it to other things.

When will each episode drop?
We’ll tape an episode on Thursday evening, and they will be released at 12:01 a.m. PT Sunday morning. I anticipate people will watch it Sunday mornings.

Do you have a role model in comedy?
I really admire Chris Rock. Clearly, he’s one of the funniest humans to ever live. I opened for him for a portion of his last tour. It was inspiring to see someone work so hard after so many years in the business.

How did your experience at the WHCD change you?
It made me confident. It’s fun to stand in a room and deliver the jokes you wanted to deliver. Also, I wore a suit, and I totally understand now why people like suits. A nice-fitting suit makes you feel good about yourself.

Was there a particular call or email you received after the WHCD that made the whole experience worthwhile?
Every single comment warmed my heart a million times over, from my friends who are stand-ups to the Stephen Colberts and Dave Chappelles and David Lettermans. I always want to entertain my audience, but I also want other comics to like what I’m doing. You want approval from your peers.

Listening to you now, your voice isn’t that high. Does the higher pitch only come out on stage, like a character?
No, it’s just when I get louder. When I’m on the phone I always try not to hurt people’s ears.

Watch a new teaser for The Break above.