"I don't have a show, so just let me come out and ruin yours."

By Nick Romano
May 24, 2018 at 10:46 AM EDT

“I don’t have a show, so lemme just come out and ruin yours.”

David Letterman returned to his old stomping grounds on Late Night on Wednesday, mainly to talk about his Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. But what he ended up doing is joking about President Trump and gifting Seth Meyers a live tick.

“I got something for you, buddy,” Letterman said, before bringing out a Ziplock bag containing the pest he plucked off his back on Monday morning. “Anybody here have Lyme disease? I’m doing this to promote epidemiological health and awareness because the Lyme disease and the ticks are everywhere. I’ve had Lyme disease… probably got it now!”

“You look like a guy who would have it,” Meyers joked.

Letterman then plopped the “tenacious little bastard,” as he called the tick, on Meyers’ desk — which did not, in fact, deter the conversation.

When it came to Trump, Meyers wondered whether Letterman would be making jokes about the commander in chief if he still had a late-night talk show. “I tell you,” he replied, “after watching the opening of your show, there would be no point in doing it because you have it covered.”

He did have a joke about Vice President Mike Pence, though: “This is what troubles me about Mike Pence. He’s from Indiana. He looks like the guy at a funeral home who would try to sell you the most expensive casket.”

The pair continued talking about Letterman’s beard, as well as Meyers’ newborn and his father-in-law’s surfing goat that recently passed away. Meyers even had an obituary drawn up for the animal, citing how he came to fame after being featured on Letterman’s show.

“That’s something for you,” Meyers told Letterman. “You made a goat’s obituary.”

Watch clips of Letterman’s appearance above.