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Mark Wahlberg has worn several hats during his career — from rapper to action star to hamburger enthusiast. But the father of four is now on a much different mission: Get his kids interested in STEM.

The Transformers actor announced on Wednesday that he is bringing back Captain Kangaroo. “I’m trying to figure out cool ways to get my kids to be interested in science, technology, engineering,” the actor shared while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “So I was thinking about what made me interested in school was Captain Kangaroo.”

Captain Kangaroo was a children’s program that ran for nearly 30 years, from 1955 to 1984, producing 38 seasons and over 6,000 episodes, making it one of the most successful children’s shows of its time.

CAPTAIN KANGAROO, Robert Keeshan, 1955-1984
Credit: Everett Collection

Wahlberg and DeGeneres agreed that the reboot would need someone a bit younger and cooler and with a different haircut than the original show’s host Bob Keeshan, who was sporting a bowl cut in a photo that appeared behind them.

I mean, who better than a movie star with experience playing a high school science teacher?

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