Even hidden by a desk, Stewart still stole the spotlight.

By Nick Romano
May 23, 2018 at 08:56 AM EDT
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Jon Stewart spent most of his time on The Late Show Tuesday night shoved under Stephen Colbert‘s desk, but he still stole the show. Why was he under the desk? For charity.

A woman named Rachel won an Omaze raffle contest, which went to fund autism research, and got to spend the entire episode’s duration under Colbert’s desk. Stewart joined her for a beat as they donned hats, sipped tea, dished on the royal wedding, played with throwing stars, and attempted Twister — all while interrupting Colbert’s segment.

To prove he was actually under the desk, Stewart held up a copy of the most recent edition of the Late Show Times, also known as the Failing Late Show Times, the comedian joked.

Colbert was in the midst of discussing the Obamas’ film and television deal with Netflix when Stewart started joking he was at the royal wedding: “As soon as Meghan [Markle] says ‘I do’ and they kiss, I say to [Queen] Elizabeth — I’m sitting next to Elizabeth — and I go, ‘Yaasss queen!'”

After making various appearances on The Daily Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show, and HBO, Stewart will now headline Comedy Central’s Clusterfest, a three-day-long comedy and music festival in San Francisco. He’ll be joined by Amy Schumer, Daily Show host Trevor Noah, and the Lonely Island crew, beginning June 1.

Watch Stewart’s latest appearance in the clip above.

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