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May 21, 2018 at 09:44 AM EDT
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If you’ve been watching GLOW (and if you haven’t, you should get going), you’ve no doubt been charmed by Britney Young, who plays Carmen Wade (wrestling name: Machu Picchu). Turns out, the actress is every bit as delightful as the character she plays.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s your origin story? How did you find way to the ring on GLOW?
BRITNEY YOUNG I was an assistant over at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKennaI saw on Deadline about the show and along with it, a picture of the original GLOW. I saw Emily Dole who plays Mt. Fiji and thought: “You know what? There might be a role for me on this show.”

How did your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend bosses take the news?
Aline cried and Rachel screamed. I said please don’t tell anyone till I actually sign my contract. But every meeting we went to they told everyone. [Laughs]

One of my favorite things about GLOW is how sisterly a show it is—apparently on-screen and off.
It’s insane. I think we’ve all said it. The way society is built there’s no way the 15 of us should be as close as we are. So many people think that if there’s a show with 15 women on it there’s going to be so many cat fights! There’s none of that. It’s refreshing and amazing. There is so much support and love but also so much talking. When we have issues we talk to each other. And if we have an issue? We solve it. It’s so great. People joke, are you really that close? I’ve been texting everyone all morning. We really are that close. Bless our crew, they put up with so much laughing and screaming and crying.

It’s a good thing you guys all like each other so much, because during those wrestling scenes you guys sure do have to get awfully close to tone another.
Oh I know. And I’m a sweat-er. I just sweat a lot. I can’t remember what exactly me and Alison [Brie] were doing but I was sweating so bad and it was, like, getting on her and she just laughed. Someone else could have really been grossed out. But yes, we have had to do it all and gotten used to sweat, spit and blood.

We got nails and sometimes you accidentally scratch people.

The wrestling aspect of the show is so interesting because it’s really about this idea of reclaiming your body.
I think it’s so strange when you go to the gym in real life and you see women on the treadmill in full makeup. Just think about the societal pressure that would have someone with a full face of makeup when really you should just be going hard. That’s what is so great about the show: we really put the pretty aside. We want to show our strength in its most natural state. Sweat away.

The physical demands must be intense.
Season one we definitely came in and I think some of us were a little nervous.  I’ve always been athletic—I was a cheerleader and I work out. But I was nervous thinking I was going to crush some of these smaller women. But I learned you are in a partnership together and that’s what makes wrestling great. Going into season two we wanted to go bigger and we wanted to go stronger—we definitely have done that. 

Carmen is one of the best wrestlers on the team and she’s also the sweetest.
I’m so blessed to play Carmen. Unfortunately, I’ve been typecast in that people see a bigger girl and they think she’s got to be mean or tough or aggressive. To play such a truly sweet and kind character has been eye opening. So many people tell me they see me coming through in Carmen and I think that’s great because she has brought that part of myself out for sure.

GLOW season 2 premieres June 29 on Netflix.

Inspired by the real-life 'Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling' series from the 1980s, this Netflix dramedy revolves around a crew of Hollywood misfits turned female wrestlers in L.A. who take their show to Las Vegas in season 3.
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