By Chancellor Agard
May 21, 2018 at 02:41 PM EDT
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Ten years later, Brothers & Sisters stars Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane are still proud of their landmark on screen wedding.

While Fox’s 1991 comedy Roc was the first television series to air a same-sex wedding, ABC’s Brothers & Sisters was the first show that featured a same-sex wedding between series regulars. In the Greg Berlanti-produced drama’s season 2 finale “Prior Commitments,” longtime couple Kevin Walker (Rhys) and Scotty Wandell (Macfarlane) finally tied the knot in a touching ceremony that was officiated by Kevin’s sister Kitty (Calista Flockhart).

“I admire ABC for kind of being the first, especially given they are on under the Disney umbrella, for taking that leap and going, ‘This is what a modern family looks like’,” Rhys tells EW in the video above. “There was no real sense of kind of historical timing until afterwards. We were kind of told by the writing staff. They said, ‘You know that’s the first time that’s been done on network?’ It was only then we kind of went, ‘Oh, well done, everyone.'”


Adds Macfarlane: “It didn’t feel like it was a stunt on the part of the writers. It didn’t feel inauthentic. It didn’t feel like they were forcing something for dramatic effect and get ratings. It really felt like the authentic thing. In the context of the greater world, it didn’t feel like we were doing anything too daring.”

Watch the nostalgic clip to find out more about the historic moment, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 11.

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