By Jillian Sederholm
May 20, 2018 at 10:36 AM EDT

One of the best Saturday Night Live sketches from this week’s season finale didn’t air during the show at all. Instead, the pretaped video “Friendship Song” was unveiled online at the end of the Tina Fey-hosted episode after being cut for time.

The Haim- or Wilson Phillips-esque send-up features Fey, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant singing an ode to the power of female friendship, with a bit of a Mean Girls vibe. These are the kind of loyal friends who will come to each other’s aid by badmouthing anyone who’s done their friends wrong.

When Bryant confesses that she feels bummed out after a woman who she’d “met a thousand times” introduced herself as if they’d just met, her friends quickly come to her aid by mocking the woman behind her back.

“I’m gonna lift you up by tearing her down. I’m gonna dissect all her Instagrams I found,” they sing.

“Insulting her made me feel so much better,” Bryant tells her friends after the first verse.

The women also badmouth Fey’s ex, Trent, “a true freak who is obsessed” with her. But they make sure to let her know that “if you get back together, we’re back on board.”

Musical guest Nicki Minaj, who earlier this week teased in a comment to a fan on Instagram that she would be appearing in “skits” although she did not during the live show, makes an appearance at the end to spit some fire of her own.

When her friends begin to tell her about someone they have a problem with, Minaj stops them in their tracks.

“Girl, I don’t even need to know who it is,” she says, before launching into an epic burn of the offender.

Hooray for friends!

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