Look, it's Harry's creepy aunt!

By David Canfield
May 20, 2018 at 12:42 AM EDT

Sure, the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle royal wedding was a grand romantic event for the ages, but what about what happened afterwards? Exclusive to Saturday Night Live, Prince Harry was on-hand to provide an inside look at the wedding party, for all us eager viewers to see.

Addressing the camera, Harry (played by Mikey Day) goes from close relatives to the “randos” in the next room over in his various check-ins. Our first highlight is when he captures Meghan’s great uncle (Kenan Thompson) getting chatty with, um, the Queen (Kate McKinnon). “She has got to start watching The Crown because they make her look like a b— on that show!” he exclaims, to her horrified reaction. He then adds she has “got to” visit Philadelphia.

Then, after stopping by to say hello to “party animal” William (and the baby!), Harry moves into the next room where a more eclectic group of guests can be found. SNL‘s guest host Tina Fey pops up, playing a loosely related duchess whom Harry doesn’t recognize at first, and then remembers as “Aunt Creepy.” (She describes herself as “a monster and a bit of a pedophile.”) There’s Pete Davidson as Russell Brand, Aidy Bryant as Elton John, and Leslie Jones as herself, because why not?

All in all, a fittingly strange party for the wedding of the year.

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