By Jillian Sederholm
May 20, 2018 at 02:10 AM EDT
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Chicago Fire.

Chicago P.D.

Chicago Med.

Chicago Justice.

Chicago Improv?

Saturday Night Live may have found the one Chicago-based TV show that won’t be a hit.

The final sketch of the season 43 finale was a pre-taped commercial parody for a show described as “another group of Chicagoans struggling in the face of an unforgiving city.” But instead of firefighters, cops, or doctors, Dick Wolf’s Chicago Improv tackles the tough world of the improv comedy scene in America’s No. 3 comedy market.

The commercial teases the show’s “dialogue ripped from real-life improv classes,” such as a fight between Mikey Day and Alex Moffat over object work and sweep edits, which Melissa Villaseñor worries will tear their Harold team apart.

But with reviews like: “Did Dick Wolf lose a bet? Why did he make this?” from The Wall Street Journal, and “Too much improv” from Improv Magazine, this sounds like a Chicago miss.

The parody was basically one big inside joke for cast members and those hoping to join the cast in the future, as a vast number of SNL’s talent pool comes from the improv community, especially in Chicago, including this week’s host, Tina Fey, who got her start at Chicago’s Second City.


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