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May 20, 2018 at 09:00 PM EDT
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What a joy to watch the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine knowing that there but for the grace of NBC, it could have been the series finale — but now, the story will continue. While this episode wouldn’t have been the worst way to end the hilarious cop comedy — Detectives Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) tie the knot at the precinct after a bomb scare derails their wedding ceremony — the final scene also leaves us with a burning question about the precinct’s lovably deadpan captain, Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher). While we’ll have to wait until next year to get the answer, for now let’s celebrate the nine best moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season 5 finale, “Jake & Amy.”

1. Teddy’s love goes on (and on). It’s always a delight when Amy’s very boring ex Teddy (Kyle Bornheimer) makes an appearance — especially now that we’re secure in the knowledge that nothing will tear Jake and Amy apart. (Yes, I know they’re fictional characters, just let me have this.) After a mysterious caller threatens to blow up the wedding venue, Jake calls the bomb squad — which now just happens to be led by one Teddy Wells. “You called me boring,” he explains to Amy. “So I leveled up my cool and now I run the bomb squad.” Even with the explosive new gig, though, Teddy is still as basic as they come. (Who travels to Belgium for spaghetti?)

2. Sergeant Terry Jeffords, love guru. Now that Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) has come out as bisexual, her colleagues are ready to help her find love. And as we all know, Terry (Terry Crews) “loves love,” so he’s especially eager to set Rosa up. “You never know when you’re gonna find your dream person,” he tells her. “Anyone on this street could be… they.” (And yes, as Rosa suspects, he did just Google “how to talk to your bisexual friends.”)

3. Cheddar falls down on the job. When Jake suggests that Captain Holt’s adorable corgi Cheddar be the ring bearer, Holt is thrilled. “Brilliant! He loves responsibility.” Unfortunately, the usually obedient pup loses the gig because he’s too sick…after eating a large portion of Jake and Amy’s frosting-filled Nakatomi Plaza wedding cake. You can only imagine Holt’s disappointment: “Oh Cheddar, you furry little pig!”

Cheddar, in a cake coma

4. Rosa’s thunderbolt moment. Though Rosa wants nothing to do with dating (or Terry’s advice), she can’t help but be hit by a love thunderbolt when their Uber driver turns out to be a gorgeous woman named Alicia (guest star Gina Rodriguez). How do we know it’s love at first sight? They both hate hats!

5. The dress. While it’s pretty simple, what makes Amy’s wedding dress so brilliant is that it’s actually the dress Gina (Chelsea Peretti) was planning on wearing to the wedding herself. “I thought you’d just wear a gray pantsuit or something,” Gina shrugs.

John P Fleenor/FOX

6. Weirdest “title of your sex tape” gag ever? While Boyle’s (Joe LoTruglio) love for his partner Jake has always been…intense, the excitement of Jake and Amy’s wedding day sends Boyle into paroxysms of pure ecstasy. “Jake and Amy are getting married tonight — title of my sex tape!” he exclaims, before rushing off to set up the impromptu ceremony.

7. The “I love you” trio. If you didn’t cry when Captain Holt told Jake and Amy that he loves them both — and then granted them permission to say it back — well, then you’ve probably never spent a lifetime seeking the approval of a distinguished mentor.

8. Amy’s delivers her own bomb threat. Though she appeared horrified when Jake suggested he might make a “da bomb” joke in their vows, Amy proved she truly is Jake’s soulmate with this joke during the ceremony: “There is a bomb at this wedding as well – your butt. Your butt is the bomb. There will be no survivors.” This truly is a match made in goofy wordplay heaven.

9. That cliffhanger! So…did Captain Holt get the commissioner job or not? And no, the look on his face does not help us figure out the answer:


Of course, I don’t want Holt to leave the precinct, but I also don’t want him to lose out on a job he’s worked so hard for. The good news is, whatever the writers decide to do, we can have faith that it’ll be funny. Nine-nine!

Brooklyn co-creator Dan Goor breaks down the season finale, the show’s rescue from cancellation, and what awaits in season 6 right here.

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