By Nick Romano
May 19, 2018 at 01:02 PM EDT

Sterling K. Brown was eager to please his fans when he accepted Jimmy Fallon‘s Dance Battle challenge on The Tonight Show Friday night. As an extra reward from the universe, the first dance move randomly selected by Fallon’s generator ended up being “I Lost Control of My Butt.”

The Emmy winner wasn’t shy about showing off his assets for the audience, but it did set the bar high for his competitors.

Fallon had to follow up Brown’s booty-shaking moves with “I Just Watched This Is Us and Now I’m at the Club,” while Hotel Artemis actor Brian Tyree Henry hit the stage with “Dad Gets Turnt.” The latter was one of the more entertaining moves of the night, as it entailed Henry channeling an over-enthusiastic parent doing popular dance moves like the “Nah Nah.”

The Dance Battle ended on “The B.T.H. Shuffle,” also known as “The Brian Tyree Henry Shuffle.” Henry had made up a dance a long time ago that became his own take on “The Cupid Shuffle,” and all three performed it for The Tonight Show crowd.

We’re not ones to declare winners or anything, but…”I Lost Control of My Butt” is mesmerizing.

Watch Brown, Fallon, and Henry in the clip above.

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