Credit: HBO

Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon delivered the anti-royal-wedding royal wedding coverage on Saturday.

If you’re not thoroughly engrossed in all the details surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s big day, you’ll want to check out HBO’s The Royal Wedding Live With Cord and Tish! The special saw Ferrell and Shannon reprise their comedic media personas, Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, for spoof coverage of the royal affair. We specifically note this is indeed a spoof because the last time they covered the Rose Parade for Amazon, some viewers weren’t exactly clear on that.

Aside from cheering on Prince Harry and his newly deemed Duchess of Sussex like rowdy sports fans, they also killed time before the grand reveal by spoofing Markle’s Suits, dissecting the newlyweds’ astrological signs, preemptively popping champagne, and singing the Kay Jewelers theme song.

The Royal Wedding Live With Cord and Tish! aired live in the early hours of Saturday morning, but HBO will air it again Saturday night at 9:45 p.m. ET.

Here are some of the highlights.

1. Cord and Tish lose it over the kiss

Cord and Tish were in the middle of a discussion about what Markle had for breakfast that day when the bride and her prince walked out of the church hand in hand. Their reactions were worth the 35-minute wait. Both hosts completely lost it as they started screaming and commenting on the “one small kiss for man, one giant kiss for mankind.”

“Do you believe in miracles?!” Cord exclaimed.

2. They sang the Kay Jewelers song

Speaking of the kiss… Cord described the couple’s lip-lock on the steps of St. George’s Chapel as “a Kay Jewelers kiss,” prompting them to deliver their own rendition of the Kay Jewelers theme song. “Every kiss begins with K,” they sang over and over.

3. The Suits spoof

Cord is a big fan of all USA Network shows, including Suits, which starred Markle alongside Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, and Sarah Rafferty. Some of her Suits castmates were present for the royal engagement, and Cord put together a little spoof of the show to inform non-binge-watchers what it’s all about.

“Probably the most popular show on TV today, Suits is a show that goes behind the scenes of the high-stakes world of quality menswear, where egos are high and thread counts are higher,” Cord says in a voiceover. “It’s a world of intrigue and high fashion where everyone wears a suit.”

Wait. Maybe he doesn’t know what Suits is about.

4. Killing time

Meghan and Harry didn’t step out together until about 35 minutes into the HBO special, so Cord and Tish had to vamp for that entire duration — but they’re pros at it.

Tish rambled on about the royal couple’s astrological signs: “Well, Cord, as you know Prince Harry is a Virgo and Meghan is a Leo, so that’s usually a very challenging relationship because the fiery, passionate Leo can overwhelm the stable, practical Virgo, not to mention Harry’s natal moon is opposite from Meghan’s natal Uranus, but these two have proven that opposites really do attract.”

“I’m gonna be a straight shooter with you and I’ve said it in the past,” Cord interjected, “when you go on and on about this kind of stuff, I tune out.”

5. Cord is terrified of horses

Cord had a tough time when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex embarked on their carriage ride. As he mentioned multiple times throughout the special, he’s terrified of horses. “They scare me,” he confessed, “but here’s where you put the journalism cap on and you try and be a pro.”

Spoiler alert: He wasn’t able to be a pro. In his defense, Tish’s idea to proceed with exposure therapy was not a good call.