By Nick Romano
May 18, 2018 at 07:51 AM EDT

What involves two Tonight Show extras recreating the sexy pottery scene from Ghost while dressed as E.T.? That would be Jimmy Fallon’s What’s Behind Me? game.

Reminiscent of a Who’s Line Is It Anyway? bit from way back when, Fallon and guest Tina Fey had to take turns getting the other to guess what absurd thing was standing behind them. The first round saw King Kong holding a hot dog in a top hat, and the second round saw this Ghost-ly monstrosity.

As Fallon said, “You can’t unsee that.” But, Fey joked, “It’s surprisingly sexy.”

Fey, a Tony nominee for her Mean Girls Broadway musical, didn’t realize there would be actual actors acting out these ridiculous scenes. “That guy’s at work right now,” she joked, pointing to the hot dog. “That’s his job.”

The comedienne will return to her old Saturday Night Live stomping grounds this weekend to host the season finale. A former writer and cast member for the late-night sketch comedy series, Fey is already a member of the elite Five-Timer’s Club. This Saturday will mark her sixth time hosting, and she’ll be accompanied by Nicki Minaj as the musical guest.

Watch her play What’s Behind Me? in the video above.

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