By Chancellor Agard
May 18, 2018 at 03:56 PM EDT
Diyah Pera/The CW (2); Jack Rowand/The CW

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This week, Supergirl introduced a rift between Supergirl and Lena, the Thinker’s Enlightenment began on The Flash, and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) made the ultimate sacrifice in Arrow season 6 finale. Here are the highlights:


Katie Yu/The CW

I’ve really loved the relationship between Kara and Lena this season, but my heart broke a little during that episode-ending elevator ride, in which Lena declared she could never trust Supergirl again. Sure, Supergirl ordered James to break into Lena’s vault, but for good reason — she has kryptonite! It all boils down to the fact that once Lena finally finds out that Kara and Supergirl are one and the same, it’s little moments like this that will lead to death by 1,000 cuts for their relationship. —Natalie Abrams 

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The Flash

Jack Rowand/The CW

I can never get enough of Diggle being unable to handle the effects of super speed — from the very first time his fries flew through the air in the first Arrow-Flash crossover to the team now being prepared with trashcans for his arrival during Tuesday’s hour. I was actually on set for that scene, and nearly ruined the first take stifling a laugh when Cisco grabbed a mesh trashcan. It’s also a delight when Dig gets a lighter moment, usually only afforded him outside of your typical dark Arrow episode. More please. —N.A.

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Diyah Pera/The CW

If you had asked how season 6 of Arrow was going to end, Oliver going to prison and Diaz living to fight another day (read: in season 7) wouldn’t have been at the top of my list. It’s great the show can still surprise me after six seasons. While I don’t think these twists redeem this uneven season, they do make me interested in revisiting the season when it goes up on Netflix in a few weeks, and I’m also very excited to see where the show goes in season 7. Obviously, Oliver will be back under the hood, but I’m curious as to the how it will happen, whether or not the writers can find a believable reason for it to happen, and how Oliver’s unilateral decision will affect his marriage with Felicity and his relationship with the team. (ASIDE: It must be said again, but Stephen Amell gave an amazingly moving performance in the season 6 finale. His two final scenes with Paul Blackthorne were so moving). —Chancellor Agard

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