As if just saying the name of Steve Martin and Martin Short’s comedy special wasn’t fun enough, Netflix released the first trailer. It’s “the only trailer,” Martin joked on Twitter. “All other trailers are fake trailers.”

Two out of the Three Amigos have been best buds for a long time, and they recently hit the road together on a comedy tour across the country. Their show at the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina was recorded for the masses and will be released as their official Netflix comedy special, Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You’ll Forget For the Rest of Your Life.

As you can see in the trailer, there will be musical bits, costume changes, friendly joshing (“You look like Anderson Cooper froze to death on New Year’s Eve!”) and one revealing skin-tight bodysuit. “Top that, motherf–er!” Short says.

The pair gave viewers a taste of what’s to come when they appeared on The Tonight Show in the beginning of May. If they’re Best Friends Challenge results are any indication, these guys are indeed best friends.

Steve Martin and Martin Short premieres May 25 on Netflix. Watch the trailer above.