By Sara Vilkomerson
May 18, 2018 at 01:00 PM EDT
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Many times while reporting a story, you come across people who says so many amazing and insightful things, but those quotes don’t all make it into the constraints of a regular magazine article. Take, for example, GLOW star Betty Gilpin. The actress, who stars as Liberty Belle on the Netflix series (returning for its second season June 29), said so many interesting things we couldn’t fit them all into this week’s cover story.

So here, for your pleasure, are our top five quotes:

On GLOW‘s sly appeal: “I think we can try and Trojan Horse into people’s brains — or men’s brains — by being like: ‘Look! It’s boobs! It’s butts!’ But what I always thought about the original GLOW is that it’s a lot about what it feels like to be an actress. You think you’re doing this creative, powerful imaginative thing for people — like reading your childhood journal out loud — and you look at the audience and it’s rows of men watching it like it is porn. Because you are a woman wearing a glitter diaper.”

On Hollywood’s treatment of men and women: “It’s really easy to believe the things that this business tells you are valuable about yourself. Male actors get to be swirling powerful sexy contenders for 50 years and [women] get a four-year window. I’m 31. I was playing the mother of a 13-year-old when I was 25. And let me tell you, this movie wasn’t about a woman who got pregnant at 12.”

“I’ve played a lot of parts where I’m the woman at the beginning saying things like, ‘I said orchids.’ You know, the mean put-together one. Connecticut Brunch Lady. Malibu Barbie. Those are the things available to me in the male writing part of the world. But every woman has crazy bees inside them.”

“Women are more packaged than men. Say you’re meeting a director for a part: when you are a woman your job is to trot your personality out. To make people think you’ve existed forever to play this character that they’ve written. It’s holding your earlobe and looking off into the sunset and telling a story of your personal pain, and making the scar on your wrist into a sexy anecdote for them. That translates into female role. And men, well, they get to be these three dimensional snorting-salt-shaker-thousand-yard-stare-farting-geniuses. Women are like three traits in sexual overalls. I think people are starting to realize that is not real life.”

“Working with Edie [Falco, on Nurse Jackie] was the essentially the first time that I realized you can be a woman and have things swirling inside you. You don’t always have to play these open chasms of sobbing boobs.”

Inspired by the real-life 'Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling' series from the 1980s, this Netflix dramedy revolves around a crew of Hollywood misfits turned female wrestlers in L.A. who take their show to Las Vegas in season 3.
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