Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker

Following the tragic news of the high school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, Netflix has decided to cancel Friday night’s L.A. premiere of 13 Reasons Why‘s second season.

Netflix released a statement saying, “Our hearts are with the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting, and with all victims of gun violence. In light of today’s tragedy, we are canceling the 13 Reasons Why S2 premiere event tonight.”

13 Reasons Why debuted on the streaming service in 2017, and quickly became known for tackling major issues affecting teens today, from bullying to sexual assault. Its first season told the story of Hannah Baker, a teen who died by suicide and left behind 13 tapes explaining her decision. And in the season 1 finale, one of the show’s characters, Tyler, could be seen collecting guns, a story that is touched upon in the show’s sophomore season.

All of 13 Reasons Why season 2 was released on Netflix Friday.

Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker
13 Reasons Why

Based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher, the Netflix drama follows a teen named Clay who attempts to figure out what led his classmate and crush Hannah to take her own life.

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