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The Blacklist - Season 2

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Any last-minute scoop on the Arrow finale? — Joe
Arrow fans better prepare themselves, because Emily Bett Rickards describes the way in which the show writes out Paul Blackthorne as “tragic.” Here’s what she told my colleague Chancellor Agard: “When anybody exits our show, everyone is sad. As actors and characters, everyone is sad because we’ve been together for so long. He doesn’t go out in an impersonal way and I think the show will always miss him. He’s a phenomenal actor and he’s a phenomenal character, and he’s been root in our show. But, I mean I’d say tragic, and then I’ll leave it at that.”

Thanks for those Blacklist breadcrumbs. Did Jon Bokenkamp say anything more on why Naomi would allow this imposter version of Red in her life? — Rowen
If you’re asking whether Mary-Louise Parker will return via flashback next season — don’t forget, Naomi is dead — the answer is TBD. EP Jon Bokenkamp says they don’t have a specific storyline for her in mind, but she doesn’t have to appear in the flesh to make an impact. “If I were Elizabeth Keen, I would certainly sit down with the file of Naomi Hyland and scrub through that and see what stones may be left unturned,” he says. “That’s one of those things in terms of surprising ourselves as we go along that is interesting. I’m really intrigued by the thread of truth that Liz can start to tug at and see how she unravels this mystery. There’s a number of different approaches she can take and I think, yes, Naomi Hyland is one of them, but there are a number of them.”

We’ve gotten scoop on almost all the returning cast for the Once Upon a Time finale except Emilie de Ravin. Anything you can say about Belle’s return? — Raven
This is a tough one to talk about, but I will drop this one tiny tease: She’s not appearing via flashback.

Please offer up more scoop on The Flash finale! — Mason
As I previously revealed, there will be two cliffhangers at the end of the season, one of which Grant Gustin calls “one of the most exciting” the show has ever done, while the other is “one of the most dark and confusing.” Gustin clarifies, “When I say confusing, it’s more like, in Flash world you just desperately want to know, ‘What does this mean?’ The first one gets you really excited about what’s to come, then the second one probably is going to make your stomach hurt, and want the next season immediately.”

Will How to Get Away with Murder have flashbacks or flash forwards next season? — Roni
Both! There’s going to be a rather big flashback storyline that involves Sam, Bonnie, Frank and Annalise. “We have this great storyline for the four of them in flashbacks,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “It’s fun for us, as the writers, and hopefully the audience, to fill in a lot of the blank spots of their history. Then, the flash forwards are going to be different. For once in my life, I know what they are. I don’t think that means that they’re not going to have some blood in them, but I think I’m really excited to do something that’s energetically different and fun and is a really big set piece.”

Is it just me or was it weird that Jane mentioned getting a headache last week on Blindspot? — Chris
Not just you. I brought up Jane’s seemingly innocuous comment to executive producer Martin Gero, and his reply was super cryptic: “Headaches are never good,” he says. You know who else has mentioned headaches? Roman! But the question remains who he’s been mysteriously talking about them with on the phone. Alas, that answer is not provided in the upcoming finale. “Sadly not this season, but you’ll find out next season,” Gero says. “Yay!”

Anything Supergirl? — Jean
Now that someone has defected from Coville’s cult, she’ll arrive on Supergirl’s doorstep with a shocking revelation. “What she’s going to face is unnerving for her,” Melissa Benoist teases. “She saw the way they believed in her when they were worshiping Supergirl, but I think the train goes a little off the rails in this one, and it’s out of control, and now they’re worshiping Worldkillers, so it’s pretty sinister.”

What can you say about the next episode of The Americans? — Eva
Not much, but here’s a hint: Take the episode title for the penultimate hour, “Jennings, Elizabeth,” literally. Her change of heart at the end of last night’s episode has enormous ramifications on The Center’s goals, and episode 9 will give you plenty to chew on over how far the Jennings matriarch has come, and how much she could stand to lose.

I love your idea of seeing old Grey’s Anatomy cases on Station 19. Any chance that’ll actually happen? — Shawn
They didn’t have time for it this season, but EP Stacy McKee is definitely interested in the concept. “It requires a lot of planning,” she says. “We’re a little bit hindered this season by scheduling, just because in the Grey’s universe, their episodes are at a different schedule than ours are, so they’ve already planned and shot a whole bunch of things, so that hasn’t worked out for this season. But I love that idea, I think it’s so cool.”

Brett Dalton is appearing on Deception?! Tell me everything! — Sarah
Well, he plays Kay’s ex, CIA Agent Isaac Walker, so expect lots of awkwardness during Sunday’s episode. “His arrival is going to stir things up for Kay,” EP Chris Fedak says. “We’re going to peel back the layers of what went down during their relationship and breakup. Kay plays her emotional cards pretty close to her chest so there are some big secrets for us — and Cameron — to learn.”

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—Additional reporting by Chancellor Agard and Shirley Li.

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