By Darren Franich and Kristen Baldwin
May 17, 2018 at 04:52 PM EDT

In the wake of last week’s cancellation massacre, the five broadcast networks spent the Upfronts debuting trailers for a slew of new TV series. Your trusted EW TV critics, Kristen Baldwin and Darren Franich, watched all the previews. Obviously, these are only short, sizzle-reel’d slices of much longer programming, so it would be wrong to pass final judgment on any of these shows. But there’s nothing wrong with snap judgments, and we ranked all the trailers, from most exciting to least exciting. (Check out the full fall schedule here.)

1. I Feel Bad (NBC):

KRISTEN: “Here’s what every woman knows: We feel bad about something every day.” Thank you, TV, for validating my existential crisis!

DARREN: Mom Sarayu Blue telling her kid “I am so sorry we can’t afford a stranger to take care of you” made me laugh out out. Good sign!

KRISTEN: Also a good sign: There are more brown people than white people in this pilot. Good job, NBC!

DARREN: Our main character works at a videogame company, which feels like the new architect/art gallerist go-to TV job.

KRISTEN: Hey look, it’s Paul Adelstein! He’s always a good sign.

DARREN: Discussing feminism at a videogame company for wry comedy: Also a good sign!

KRISTEN: The title also reminds me of Nora Ephron’s book I Feel Bad About My Neck, and I’m going to choose to believe it’s an homage.

DARREN: This looks fun! It seems to be tapping into a similar mom-crisis-comedy vibe as Tully, but without the [incredibly bizarre spoiler], so I’m in.


2. All-American (CW):

KRISTEN: FOOTBALL! I’m having FNL flashbacks, which makes me happy.

DARREN: A shooter at a football game! Well, that took a bleak turn.

KRISTEN: Taye Diggs is now recruiting the star player, played by Daniel Ezra, to come to his team in Beverly Hills.

DARREN: His family is concerned it’s not the best thing for him. Will he lose himself when he leaves his neighborhood?

KRISTEN: But it’s a better, safer school, says Coach Taye Diggs.

DARREN: Did someone just describe a character as “my tortured alt-left sister”?

KRISTEN: Yes, and now the white kids are asking the star player if he’s in the Crips or the Bloods. Not a great intro, white kids.

DARREN: He’s is suddenly being invited to pool parties in Beverly Hills. I’m into this! Some great Los Angeles cross-cultural race/class drama.

KRISTEN: Wow, so this is like FNL meets The OC meets Boyz in the Hood?

DARREN: “If you can make something of yourself, maybe I can too.” Already crying.

KRISTEN: Yes, I am for sure in. Damn you, Greg Berlanti — you’ve done it again!

DARREN: The CW’s target demo loves Berlanti for his DC stuff, but the vibe here reminds me vaguely of his wonderful Jack & Bobby, which merrily juggled sensitive teen drama with big political ideas. Great job!

3. The Rookie (ABC):

KRISTEN: Nathan Fillion as a 40-year-old police rookie. SOLD.

DARREN: “You’re about to hit the street with a loaded handgun and no idea what happens next.”

KRISTEN: Side note: Nathan Fillion doesn’t really look 40. His colleagues dismiss him as a “walking midlife crisis,” so he’s got to prove them wrong.

DARREN: This looks like a darker, more emotionally bruised Fillion than we got on Castle. I like emotionally bruised Fillion!

KRISTEN: I like Fillion in any form.

DARREN: And I have a policy to watch any Los Angeles crime show for at least four episodes. So I like this, though think we can lose the bodycam/found-footage stuff.

4. Murphy Brown (CBS):

DARREN: This trailer is done in the style of a mockumentary, and begins with the election of Donald Trump, so the revival seems to be getting back to that topical/”argue with Dan Quayle” sweet spot.

KRISTEN: Murphy left FYI but now she’s back, because Trump.

DARREN: Embarrassing TV critic confession: I never watched the original Murphy Brown. But a college roommate once explained the whole series to me in a two-hour speech. So I FEEL like I had a Murphy Brown experience.

KRISTEN: Was your roommate Andy from Parks & Rec?

DARREN: Similar, but with twice my IQ.

KRISTEN: TYNE DALY! Murphy says she’s back to “take on this crazy new world of alternative facts” because “it’s our civic duty.”

DARREN: I didn’t laugh at all during this trailer except during the clips of the original series. But I am excited by the prospect of a smart multicam sitcom that can react quickly to our crazy political world.

KRISTEN: The original creator, Diane English, is back — so I’m optimistic.

5. Grand Hotel (NBC):

KRISTEN: “Five-star hotel, five-star secrets”! Now that’s a tagline.

DARREN: Is this a show about a wacky hotel where people have sex with each other?

KRISTEN: Correction, it’s a soap opera about a wacky hotel where people have sex with each other.

DARREN: Set in “the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach.” Demián Bichir is the patriarch, and he’s selling out the family hotel to a higher bidder.

KRISTEN: Is his sexy new wife making him do it? His kids think so.

DARREN: So it’s a modern-day Magic City with a Latino cast. I AM SO GODDAMN IN.

KRISTEN: A young woman in a maid’s uniform just told someone, “I’m pregnant,” so I, too, am SO IN.

6. The Neighborhood (CBS):

KRISTEN: Cedric the Entertainer headlines this comedy about a man whose family has lived in a black neighborhood in L.A. for years. Until … WHITE FOLKS MOVE IN.

DARREN: Potentially, a comedy of gentrification? Interesting.

KRISTEN: Cedric’s character, Calvin, is not amused.

DARREN: Dreama Walker sighting! She’s now “married couple on a sitcom” age, which means I am also that age.

KRISTEN: Cedric does a good “white guy” voice.

DARREN: Him imitating a white guy saying “I really find Rihanna attractive” made this white guy laugh.

KRISTEN: Now the white neighbor is hugging all his black neighbors and saying, “I’m sorry if I seem racist.” For CBS, this qualifies as edgy. I’ll admit it, Darren, that looked kind of funny. You really can’t go wrong with Cedric.

DARREN: I wish the Midwestern guy didn’t seem so bland. But I like the basic setup here.

7. Whiskey Cavalier (ABC):

KRISTEN: Scott Foley IS Whiskey Cavalier, one of the Bureau’s best agents.

DARREN: And he just parted ways with his fiancée! I remember that J.J. Abrams pitched Alias as, basically, a show about Felicity from Felicity becoming a spy. Now we have a show where Noel from Felicity becomes a spy! And then Keri Russell was a spy on The Americans. #CallSpeedman.

KRISTEN: Hey, it’s The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan as a “relentless” CIA operative. What are the odds that they’ll get together? So maybe this is Mr. and Mrs. Smith, on a broadcast TV budget.

DARREN: I do like Lauren Cohan and am excited to see her on a show where she can presumably smile more than once every two years.

KRISTEN: Hey, it’s Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty! This looks fun, not just in a trying-to-look-fun kind of way.

DARREN: Yes, and also in a the-pilot-will-look-10-times-more-expensive-than-the-rest-of-the-show way. I’ll stick around to see if they have chemistry.

8. Charmed (CW):

KRISTEN: “Nothing is stronger than your sisterhood,” says a loving mom to her two teen daughters.

DARREN: Mom is — unsurprisingly, given that this is a Charmed reboot — a witch. She dies!

KRISTEN: Her death leaves her sisters estranged and miserable, and then … a third sister shows up on their doorstep! The power of three!

DARREN: The three sisters start noticing strange, magical things happening around them. The magic looks a little more X-Men-y than on the original Charmed, but I like the X-Men.

KRISTEN: Freezing time! Moving things with their mind! Hearing everyone’s thoughts!

DARREN: Oh hey, it’s the guy from Hellboy but not Hellboy 2.

KRISTEN: He tells them they are the “charmed ones,” and that mommy was a witch. And that witch mommy was murdered.

DARREN: They are tasked with protecting the innocent and vanquishing demons. It’s interesting how Charmed was kind of a supernatural outlier on the WB, and now it fits right into the CW’s superhero slate.

KRISTEN: Yes, as will the reboot of Roswell, coming next year! This looks like a competent remake, but I’m not sure it was entirely necessary. Though, to your point, it fits well into the schedule and it’s been updated with a more diverse cast — so perhaps it’ll be a gateway for young’uns to discover the original.

DARREN: I think it’s harder now for any “superpower team” show to stand out. But I’m intrigued by the presence of Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urmanand, and it’s never a bad time for an ode to kickass sisterhood.

9. Manifest (NBC):

DARREN: A group of people on a flight disappear. Quite a concept for a new show in 2004!

KRISTEN: Oh no, 20 seconds in and you have two of my worst nightmares: traveling with family and a child with leukemia.

DARREN: My vastly more meager worst nightmare: turbulence!

KRISTEN: Their flight experiences rough air, and when they land it’s five years later?

DARREN: I don’t want to say this show is “What if Lost didn’t have an island,” but it seems to be what if Lost didn’t have an island?

KRISTEN: Or a polar bear.

DARREN: Actually, this looks more like The Nine, where all the characters have different TV-ish jobs (cop, doctor) but they’re linked together by a common experience.

KRISTEN: Time travel via turbulence. So it’s kind of like Lost meets all those shows where people come back from the dead and haven’t aged. I dunno, I’m intrigued. You?

DARREN: I worry that network TV lost the ability to do this kind of show halfway through the pilot of The Event, which also started with a plane doing weird things planes don’t usually do. So I am less intrigued.

10. Rel (Fox):

KRISTEN: The breakout star from Get Out, who spent much of that movie on a cell phone, is now doing a bit about being left by his wife … on a cell phone!

DARREN: “Who would’ve ever thought my wife would’ve slept with my barber?”

KRISTEN: Is. That. Sinbad??????

DARREN: This trailer has a lot of wife-with-the-barber jokes, which makes me nervous.

KRISTEN: But it also has Sinbad as Rel’s dad, so that soothes my nerves.

DARREN: I’m also a sucker for any show where the concept is, like, “Person Needs to Start Their Life Over.”

KRISTEN: While I wish that looked funnier, even Dave Chappelle had to go through some pretty mediocre sitcoms before becoming Dave Chapelle. So I won’t weep for Lil Rel Howery yet.

DARREN: It’s executive-produced by Jerrod Carmichael (Howery was on The Carmichael Show), and I feel like it could turn into a good extension of that show’s ethos.

11. Magnum P.I. (CBS):

DARREN: This is a remake of Magnum P.I. It starts with Magnum in space. I’m already in.

KRISTEN: Oh God, he has a goatee, not a mustache. Oooh, the red, black, and yellow helicopter is back!

DARREN: In this version, Jay Hernandez is Magnum, and he has a group of ex-soldier bros around him.

KRISTEN: And Higgins is a female yoga instructor. But she IS British.

DARREN: The bolder move would’ve been to make Magnum the woman. ABC would’ve made Magnum a woman. OH MY GOD, SUNG KANG.

KRISTEN: Pardon?

DARREN: Sung Kang, who played cinema’s best Han in the Fast & Furious movies, is in this show. And it’s directed by Justin Lin? Who directed the best Fast movies? Shut up and take my money, CBS!

KRISTEN: I just wish that Jay Hernandez, the new Magnum, had a bit more … charisma?

DARREN: I also wish this show didn’t look like another high-tech military procedural? This could just be a chill show about a charming guy solving sexy problems in Hawaii. Magnum just jumped from a car to a helicopter. I will absolutely watch this pilot, but I worry about what happens on a weekly stunt budget.

KRISTEN: Huh. For reasons I will not disclose, I recently watched another episode of the MacGyver reboot, and this looks about as serviceable as that show is — so it’ll probably do just fine.

DARREN: And Sung Kang is actually playing a character from Hawaii Five-0, so CBS now has a Marvel universe for Hawaii reboots. NEXT.

12. Proven Innocent (Fox):

KRISTEN: “Ten years after being proven innocent, I now defend the wrongfully convicted.”

DARREN: Our main character is a lawyer facing off against the corrupt state’s attorney who put her away in prison!

KRISTEN: Lead actress is Rachelle Lefevre, whose hair looks as great here as it did in Under the Dome. Corrupt state’s attorney is Brian d’Arcy James, who probably doesn’t cry as much here as he does in 13 Reasons Why.



KRISTEN: My brain can’t process that.

DARREN: I’m tuning in. It’s decided. Snap judgment.

KRISTEN: You’re a cheap date! I might tune in from time to time if I need a good cry (and This is Us is on hiatus).

DARREN: Yes, I tend to prefer my lawyers being funny and cynical (like on The Good Fight or in my attorney-stuffed family), but this looks like a cry machine waiting to happen.

KRISTEN: The Cry Machine, coming to Fox in 2019.

13. Happy Together (CBS):

DARREN: Damon Wayans Jr. and Amber Stevens West are officially “married couple on a CBS sitcom” age, which means I am also that age.

KRISTEN: Wayans’ client is Fake Harry Styles, who just broke up with his girlfriend — and now Fake Harry Styles has come to live with them?

DARREN: Also, Fake Harry Styles is played by someone named Felix Mallard, which would be my favorite fake TV character name if it weren’t a real name.

KRISTEN: Fake Harry Styles (character name: Cooper) loves the “simple” life of these suburban dullards.

DARREN: On CBS, thirtysomething married couples still have landlines! (And young people are still joking about not knowing what landlines are.)

KRISTEN: Please note that Real Harry Styles is an exec producer of Happy Together. Where does that young man find the time?

DARREN: I’ll give this show some time to see how it evolves beyond the age jokes, and also to see the inevitable cameo by Real Harry Styles as a dorky videogame engineer.

KRISTEN: Yes, he’s gotta show up in the first three episodes, right? I can season-pass it until then. Next!

14. The Kids Are Alright (ABC):

DARREN: It’s a family comedy set in 1972, with Mary McCormack as the mom and Michael Cudlitz as the dad.

KRISTEN: The Wonder Years meets Malcolm in the Middle. It is quite literally narrated by the middle child.

DARREN: One son doesn’t want to be a priest anymore. Several sons have red hair the color of flames at sunset.

KRISTEN: The trailer ends on a joke about rickets. That’s sufficiently weird enough for me to want to give it a few episodes.

DARREN: Yeah, I think this trailer is coming on hard with the concept (no bike helmets, Nixon jokes!), but there are moments like that that feel eccentric and personal. Hopeful!

15. FBI (CBS):

KRISTEN: “The job doesn’t stop,” says a very intense and unhappy-looking FBI agent.

DARREN: Less than a minute until a huge explosion, and a building falling down!

KRISTEN: Darren, did that mom just watch her son die in the explosion?

DARREN: Yes, and now they’re all listening to a slowed-down, emo version of “Wonderwall.”

KRISTEN: I’m too upset to be excited that Jeremy Sisto is on the show!

DARREN: I’m too excited to be upset that this show is about drug dealers who bomb buildings, which sounds like something that would never happen outside of right-wing nightmares.

KRISTEN: Spoiler alert: The former undercover agent wants to bend the rules. But the Boss Lady says no.

DARREN: Wait, this show’s about a rich Nazi racist who bombs people? Never mind, it’s a left-wing nightmare!

KRISTEN: The nightmare part is correct. It’ll be a hit for CBS.

DARREN: It’s Missy Peregrym from Reaper!

KRISTEN: WHY WAS THERE JUST A TARANTULA CRAWLING ON SOMEONE’S FOOT? Welp, looks like a solid timely procedural. It’ll run for six-17 seasons?

DARREN: You know Dick Wolf, who exec-produces, is already developing a spinoff, which I pray is called FBI: L.A. Looking forward to accidentally watching 30 episodes over the next decade.

16. Single Parents (ABC):

DARREN: Leighton Meester is precisely half the size of Brad Garrett, turns out!

KRISTEN: Taran Killam plays an overzealous “class parent.”

DARREN: “The greatest part of parenting is it gets you out of your comfort zone.” Is that true, parent?

KRISTEN: No. The greatest part of parenting is when your child falls asleep.

DARREN: Hahaha!

KRISTEN: I can’t quite grasp what’s going on here. A group of cynical single parents try to get uptight single parent Taran Killam to loosen up, yes?

DARREN: Yes, and lots of child hijinks are sliced together with single-parents-being-single-and-funny hijinks. I kinda like sitcoms where the whole conceit is that characters with no obvious reason to hang out together wind up hanging out all the time (see also LA to Vegas). I’m cautiously interested.

17. God Friended Me (CBS):

DARREN: This show stars Brandon Micheal Hall, who was great on Search Party and The Mayor. TV wants him to be a star, and so do I.

KRISTEN: He plays an atheist who gets a friend request from God. Unfortunately, God is not voiced by the ghost of George Burns.

DARREN: I hope the twist is that God is a Russian bot.

KRISTEN: That’s a left- and right-wing nightmare!

DARREN: Wait, wait, wait, is this like social media Early Edition?

KRISTEN: Yes, you are correct! God suggests “friends” for Brandon Micheal Hall to find and help.

DARREN: Early Edition, except newspapers are dead.

KRISTEN: FYI, the show just name-dropped Tinder and Bumble, because CBS is hep with the lingo.

DARREN: We should make it clear, Miles (Hall) is a podcast host, which also seems to be a trendy new job (see: Zach Braff’s podcast show, RIP).

KRISTEN: Joe Morton as the preacher dad!

DARREN: And Miles’ mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. And died in a car crash.

KRISTEN: So glad that CBS is getting back to its Jesus-y roots. (Pour one out for Touched By An Angel and Highway to Heaven).

DARREN: Cara (Miles’s latest friend suggestion) finds her long-lost mom, and gets hit by a car, and then is saved by a man named “John Dove.”

KRISTEN:  Who Miles saved earlier in the episode. IT’S ALL CONNECTED, DARREN.

DARREN: “In these crazy times we live in, we owe it to ourselves to ask the tough questions,” Miles says. One tough question: “How much can you buy a show about God using Facebook”?

KRISTEN:  Listen, God never got that Cambridge Analytica poll. His profile is LEGIT. But I imagine this will be a favorite show of moms and grandmas across the nation.

DARREN: And a potential hate-watch for agnostic millennials who think social media destroyed this decade. It me!

18. The Fix (ABC):


DARREN: Oh man, I love Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

KRISTEN: Adewale is Fake O.J. Robin Tunney’s Fake Marcia Clark failed to convict him of murder once, and now, eight years later, he’s been accused of murder again. This time, Robin/Marcia is going to send him to prison for GOOD.

DARREN: Well, look, I’m glad to see that executive producer Marcia Clark is effectively cashing in on the People v. O.J. Simpson bump.

KRISTEN: Hey, Scott Cohen, as Fake O.J.’s lawyer!

DARREN: Wait, is Fake O.J. literally giving his friend a duffel bag to dispose of?

KRISTEN: I think this might be a case of truth being more entertaining than fiction (based on truth).

DARREN: Yes, and also a classic case of a show not being as good as Murder One. But look, Los Angeles crime, I’m in for four.

19. A Million Little Things (ABC):

KRISTEN: Hey, Ron Livingston!

DARREN: From Tully! It’s a Tullyssance!

KRISTEN: Guy from Psych!

DARREN: Does he have cancer too? Is cancer, like, a trend?

KRISTEN: Cancer is always on trend. (Sorry, sorry.) Oh no, Ron Livingston killed himself! And now all his old friends are together again at his funeral.

DARREN: He’s the Kevin Costner From Big Chill. They all met when they were stuck on an elevator? So THIS is kind of like The Nine too! Does anyone but me remember The Nine? I watched a lot of The Nine.

KRISTEN: I don’t think The Nine was a real show. I think you’re making it up.

DARREN: Tim Daly. Bank heist. Flashbacks.

KRISTEN: Oh, right! Anyway, now all Ron Livingston’s old friends are reconnecting to try to piece together why he killed himself.

DARREN: “The last time we said anything deep was when we were in that elevator,” someone says.

KRISTEN: ABC wants in on that This is Us emotional-catharsis action.

DARREN: I worry that they’ve overthought the model a bit? Like, This is Us is a family show told in a unique way. This is a show where people meet in a trapped elevator and become friends who keep learning about friendship when their friend commits suicide.

KRISTEN: You never know, the trapped-elevator genre could become a thing.

20. The Cool Kids (Fox):

DARREN: A comedy about a retirement community! I do look forward to the day I move into a retirement community, so this could be solid escapism.

KRISTEN: Sorry, but Vicki Lawrence looks WAY too young to be hanging with old man Martin Mull and David Alan Grier with his white-haired wig.

DARREN: From Charlie Day???

KRISTEN: Think It’s Always Sunny in the Retirement Home. While it didn’t make me laugh, that did feel very on-brand for Fox, circa the Married With Children era. It could work nicely with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing (now on Fox). And I support any project that employs Vicki Lawrence and/or David Alan Grier.

DARREN: Yes, a senior-citizen comedy set in a retirement home and shot multicam feels pretty Death Throes of Broadcast TV to me. But The Cool Kids definitely wins the prize for Most Unexpected Conglomeration of Talent.

21. The Passage (Fox):

KRISTEN: MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR. Oh Lord, he plays a government agent who wants to perform an experiment on a black prisoner. Abort! Abort!

DARREN: The Passage is based on Justin Cronin’s series of novels about, like, vampire-apocalypse-dystopia stuff. I have to admit, I only made it halfway through the first book, but this looks kind of different from what I remember.

KRISTEN: Looks like this drug experiment has some kind of vampire side effects? And now they want to experiment on a little black girl. ABORT!

DARREN: “We’re looking at a global pandemic,” says some scientist. “You get exposed by breakfast, you’re dead by dinner.” But what a lunch, though!

KRISTEN: Now MPG has had a change of heart, and he’s going to save the little girl from the Big Bad Government.

DARREN: I feel like this is a hot new subgenre? Like, tough guy going on a road trip with little girl? Like, Logan and The Last of Us? Are they fleeing to Canada?

KRISTEN: If they aren’t, they’re fools. One of my top TV no-gos is children in peril, so not sure I can sign on for this one. That said, I’m glad MPG ended up being a good guy.

DARREN: Well, without spoiling anything from my half-book reading, it looks like this is the kind of show where the pilot might end with a big thing happening that radically alters the scope of the show. I worry this is going to turn out like The Strain, where I just wish the show started from, like, season 4. I’m not optimistic.

22. Last Man Standing (Fox):

KRISTEN: “The shows fans loved” and “the characters they missed.”

DARREN: Ohhh, are they rebooting Hannibal finally?

KRISTEN: Sadly, no. But the good news is, Last Man Standing still has the “same attitude.”

DARREN: Sorry, wait, was that a bear?

KRISTEN: Yes, and two men dressed as Donald Trump.

DARREN: I’m excited for the bear and nothing else! And the bear (like all the clips here) is from old footage, so I’m excited for nothing!

KRISTEN: And I’m excited that I missed Tim Allen doing a stand-up set at the Fox upfront presentation.

23. New Amsterdam (NBC):

DARREN: Wait, wait, New Amsterdam? This was already a show!

KRISTEN: Yes, it was a show with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, about a time-traveling cop.

DARREN: I think he was an immortal guy who solved crimes. Was he immortal, or a vampire?

KRISTEN: I think that was Forever, with Horatio Hornblower.

DARREN: I think Forever was about time travel, and New Amsterdam was about a curse?

[Quick critical Googling confirms that 2008‘s New Amsterdam and 2014‘s Forever were both shows about immortals solving crimes in New York.]

KRISTEN: So there have now been TWO shows about immortal cops, and TWO shows called New Amsterdam. Yes, New Amsterdam is not a New Title.

DARREN: Baldwin, crushing it! Watch out, 2018-2019 TV season! Let’s watch the trailer for the new New Amsterdam.

KRISTEN: It’s the guy from The Blacklist and The Blacklist spinoff! He just fired a bunch of doctors. Is the rest of the show about the lawsuits that follow?

DARREN: New Amsterdam hospital is “a city unto itself,” we’re told.

KRISTEN: Please note that Tyler Labine from Reaper is on this show, but now he’s wearing a tie and playing a social worker, I think.

DARREN: Between him and Peregrym, it’s a Reaper-ssance! Also on New Amsterdam: Freema Agyeman, a favorite from Doctor WhoThe Carrie Diaries, and Sense8!

KRISTEN: Looks like the guy from The Blacklist is gonna clean up the mess that is the American healthcare system, one patient at a time.

DARREN: The Main Character has cancer. Trend: Confirmed. So it’s Breaking Bad meets The Good Doctor, finally.

KRISTEN: Even after finding out he has cancer, I still find Main Doctor Guy insufferable. This is a pass for me.

DARREN: Same. The Resident isn’t a perfect show, but I liked how it takes seriously a lot of the cynical realities of running a hospital. This show seems like The Resident for people who wish there was a Blacklist spinoff about fixing healthcare with great chins. PASS.