By Natalie Abrams and Chancellor Agard
May 17, 2018 at 11:52 AM EDT

The CW will host another superhero crossover event this fall, but this time they’ll be introducing the character of Batwoman into the fold.

Arrow star Stephen Amell shared the big news at The CW’s upfront presentation on Thursday. “We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be doing another crossover event this fall on the CW, and we’ll be introducing a new character,” Amell said. “For the very first time appearing, we’ll be fighting alongside Batwoman, which is terrific. The crossover is going to make it to air in December. I need to leave right now and start filming it.”

Batwoman, otherwise known as Kate Kane, is one of several vigilantes who protect Gotham City. The character, first introduced as Kathy Kane in Detective Comics back in 1956, was reimagined for DC Comics’ New 52, with the character now a Jewish lesbian.

“We are adding the city of Gotham into the Arrowverse,” CW boss Mark Pedowitz added. “This will be another full-throttled, action-packed event.”

With the introduction of Gotham City in the crossover, the Arrowverse is following through on something it has been teasing for some time. In the first season of The Flash, there was a newspaper from the year 2024 that featured a headline about Wayne Tech merging with Queen Inc. Furthermore, the current season of Arrow confirmed that Gotham existed in the show’s universe when Oliver Queen name-dropped Bruce Wayne while being questioned about whether or not he was the Green Arrow.

The next CW crossover is slated to air in December.

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