May 15, 2018 at 04:01 PM EDT
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Inset: EW

Lifetime’s UnREAL recently wrapped up its third season, and fans of the show are undoubtedly wondering what to expect when the show returns. During an appearance on EW’s new podcast Chasing Emmy, series star Constance Zimmer — who plays “crazy, unfiltered” executive producer Quinn King — teased that viewers can look forward to a “controversial” season 4.

“It’s [Everlasting] All Stars now, so we’re bringing back favorites from season 1 and season 3,” Zimmer revealed. “The difference this season is that now you have couples competing. You don’t have just one single person with 25 contestants, and you’re throwing in the dynamics that they’ve been here before. There’s a lot of drama within them believing they know how the game is played, so that was really fun. We had to find new ways to manipulate them, which is always a fun challenge for Quinn. It’s a dramatic and controversial season. The fans aren’t going to know what hits them from the second episode in. It’s pretty crazy. Rachel’s [played by Shiri Appleby] mental state is very questionable. This is a different kind of psychological torture she’s put upon herself and is doing it to everyone else without realizing it.

Zimmer also opened up about the extravagant outfits her character is known for — and how they help her tap into portraying such a tough (and sometimes cruel) character. “I can’t even rehearse unless I’m in the shoes and makeup and the complete package, and then I’m able to be vicious,” she admitted. “I can’t rehearse being vicious when they say ‘action,’ because then I won’t question it. When they say ‘cut,’ I start apologizing! There’s still that imbalance. I can’t pretend to be here, I have to be her. The only time I can be her is when I’m in the full outfit and the makeup.”

And while her wardrobe is fabulous, Zimmer revealed that it’s not exactly comfy. “Some of those dresses are not comfortable,” she quipped. “They look amazing, though! They force me out of my comfort zone.”