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She is one of the most expressive Survivor contestants in franchise history. Whether she is making a goofy face before hustling over to pick up a tribe immunity idol, running in place over the excitement of seeing her brother, throwing down her ropes after losing a challenge, flailing her arms in the air over disgust at being denied both time with her Loved One and a trip to Ghost Island, or telling us about the things that really PISS HER OFF, Kellyn Bechtold has a flair for the dramatic.

Through her wild gesticulating and contorted facial expressions, Kellyn has given Eliza Orlins a run for her money as one of the most hilariously expressive Survivor players ever. In celebration of this remarkable addition to the reality franchise, we asked fans to share their best impressions of the super-spaz contestant over Twitter by using the hashtag #FakeKellyn. And the person who makes the best video of all — as chosen by Kellyn herself! — will receive all 20 original Love Letters written by the Survivor: Ghost Island cast-members to their favorite Survivors ever (which can be seen on my Instagram).

But fans weren’t the only ones to take part in the fun. Some of Kellyn’s own fellow Ghost Islanders submitted videos as well. Here are the Kellyn impressions that have been popping up on social media so far.

First up, a classic Kellyn flailing-arms-in-disgust move:

The next entry is like Kellyn: The Next Generation. Or Survivor: Muppet Babies Edition. Whatever you want to call it, it is equal parts genius and adorable:

Forget about #FakeKellyn. It’s also time to meet #FakeAngela. And in pint-size form!

Check out this epic Survivor LEGO creation, complete with a hilarious Sea Bass cameo:

Up next, a nice combo platter of two peak Kellyn moments:

Oooooooh, someone’s getting fancy by going back and forth between original material and footage from the show:

Uh-oh, looks like some actual Ghost Islanders are getting in on the act. (See if you can spot Wendell!)

Don’t look now, but Ghost Island‘s Brendan Shapiro also came to play along with an incredible side order of Jeff Probst:

The level of detail — right down to the choice of music — in this Fake Kellyn video from Ghost Island‘s Bradley Kleihege is truly inspiring:

There is some major Buff drama going on here.

Looks like someone has the Chelsea Edit down pat.

This next guy’s even got props! Is that even legal? It is now!

Who needs a head or a heart when you have the one thing that will never lead you astray in the game?

Math makes my head hurt. And when my head hurts, it really PISSES ME OFF!

Thank God this Chelsea took Kellyn’s advice and followed her gut.

Bonus points for stream-of-consciousness approach on this next one. It’s like a confessional interview in that you gab and gab and just let them take the best parts. Well played!

When in doubt, use action figures and, yes, more LEGOs!

Finally, nice Tribal Council callback!

And one late addition that simply had to be added:

There’s still time for you to get your video in and win those original Survivor Love Letters. (All submissions must be in by May 21.) Just tweet it to me @DaltonRoss using the #FakeKellyn hashtag. I’ll also add any more entries to this post so your submission can live on for posterity. That way we make sure that nobody gets PISSED OFF!!!!

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