Has President Donald Trump really drained the swamp, as he promised during his campaign? According to Seth Meyers, not only did he renege on that claim, he replaced “corrupt Washington politics” with “corrupt New York politics.”

“I’m sorry, but after all your scandals, the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ is now devoid of all meaning,” the Late Night host said during his “Closer Look” segment on Monday. “You might as well chant ‘we like Ike’ or ‘Brooklyn Dodgers.'”

Meyers noted how the Trump administration has had “one corruption scandal after another” since taking the White House.

He specifically mentioned Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen’s office had been raided by the FBI amid the ongoing Russia investigation and the lawsuit from porn star Stormy Daniels, who was paid $130,000 from Cohen and signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep quiet about an alleged affair with the president. More recently, Daniels’ lawyer alleged Cohen was selling access to Trump.

“Trump didn’t drain the swamp,” Meyers said, “he bottled it and sold it as Dr. Trump’s Miracle Healing Elixir.” The late-night personality slammed Trump for claiming to fight against “corrupt Washington politics.”

“He fought corrupt Washington politics and replaced it with the only thing that’s worse, corrupt New York politics,” Meyers said. “Seriously. Washington politics used to be K Street lobbyists handing off bribes in parking garages. Now it’s shady ambulance chasers with mob ties funneling money through real estate and taxi medallions.”

“Look at these guys,” he continued, noting Trump, Cohen, and Rudy Giuliani. “They look like they should be playing cards in the back of a butcher shop waiting for someone to call them and say, ‘It’s done.'”

Bill Maher was another late-night TV host who drew the comparison between Trump and New York mobsters. “People call this presidency a reality show; it’s more like a Scorsese movie,” he said on Real Time. “Everything Trump does is modeled on the mob. When he was accused of sexual harassment, he brought in Bill Clinton’s accusers to sit in the gallery at the debate, just like Michael Corleone brought Frank Pentangeli’s brother into court [in The Godfather Part II].”

Watch Meyers’ recent “Closer Look” segment in the clip above.

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