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Devil's Bargain

The women of Wayward Sisters aren’t going down without a fight.

After news broke Friday that the CW isn’t moving forward with the Supernatural spin-off, the stars of the show shared their thoughts on social media. And fairly quickly, a petition was launched to save Wayward, which multiple Supernatural stars have now shared. As of Sunday afternoon, the petition was nearing 30,000 votes.

Wayward Sisters is the Supernatural spin-off that aired its backdoor pilot in January on the CW. Wayward came from executive producers Andrew Dabb and Robert Berens and followed Jody Mills, a fan favorite from Supernatural, as she opened her home to young girls in need. Together with Claire Novak, Donna Hanscum, and more, the women created their own monster-fighting force.

Wayward was Supernatural‘s second attempt at a spin-off, after its ninth season aired Supernatural: Bloodlines, a backdoor pilot about mobster-esque monster families in Chicago. When that idea didn’t catch on, the writers made sure to take their time before crafting a second spin-off attempt. As for Wayward, the idea was something the fandom latched onto before it ever hit the screen, as fans created campaigns and spread their own ideas for the Wayward Daughters Academy. In other words, Wayward was a long time coming, and now the fandom is hoping the show can get a second chance.

No reasoning has been given for why the CW passed on the new series at this time.

See tweet from the stars below:

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