Find someone who loves you the way Kelly Clarkson loves Timeless.

“In a world where reality can be terrifying and depressing, isn’t it great to have a show on that is fun, historical escapism?! I know, right?! Me too,” the singer tweeted on May 6. “#RenewTimeless

The tweet is just one of many that the Voice coach has sent out in hopes of saving her favorite time-travel series. Clarkson even threwback to her 2002 film From Justin to Kelly as part of her campaign.

“I once recorded a duet titled #Timeless and although it was good it was nothing compared to #NBCTimeless the show,” she tweeted. “Yep, I just pulled a From Justin to Kelly reference. That alone deserves a third season #RenewTimeless

The show was saved by fans after it was canceled in 2017, and NBC execs have said they are indeed waiting to decide Timeless’ fate and watching to see how the series performs during tonight’s 2-hour finale (tonight at 9 p.m. ET).

“We try to give the producers [the courtesy] of letting their shows run and seeing what they do before we make a decision that’s premature,” NBC’s entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt told reporters Sunday. “Timeless has its finale tonight, so we’ll make our decisions after that. We’ll take a look at those shows after their runs and hopefully make a relatively quick decision on that.”

And Clarkson isn’t just a fan now. She’s pretty much committed to recording a duet with Timeless star Abigail Spencer.

And she ran into actor Matt Lanter while shopping this week.

Basically, her life would suck without Timeless.

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