By Natalie Abrams and Chancellor Agard
May 11, 2018 at 04:24 PM EDT
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Each week, we break down the biggest moments from Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow— both here on and on SiriusXM’s EW Live every Friday during Superhero Insider.

This week, Supergirl took down two Worldkillers, The Flash turned a villain into a hero-ish, and Arrow reminded us why we love Diggle and Lyla so much. Here are the highlights:


Jack Rowand/The CW

For almost the entire hour, I was full-on Team Lena. I mean, I understood why Supergirl would be wary of a Luthor having a stash of kryptonite, but I truly believed Lena only had Sam’s best interests at heart and wanted to protect her. I could even momentarily excuse James not breaking into her vault out of loyalty to Lena, trusting that his girlfriend wasn’t lying. So, when Lena ended up revealing that she’s figured out how to manufacture kryptonite, well, I was pissed like, hold my purse pissed. After all this time, now Lena fulfills her destiny? Worst. Timing. Ever. —Natalie Abrams
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The Flash

Shane Harvey/The CW

With Wentworth Miller retiring from the Arrowverse, it seems as though Katee Sackhoff is assuming the mantle of The Flash‘s best recurring villain. In her recent return to The Flash, Sackhoff made Amunet Black delightfully broad and had so much fun with some of the best lines of the episode. I giggled so much when shed cooed, “Oooh a little hidey hole for your outfit!” when she visited the Cortex for the first time. What’s great about Sackhoff’s portrayal of Amunet Black, though, is how she can convincingly play the metahuman trafficker’s softer side, too, in her scenes with Caitlin. —Chancellor Agard.
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Robert Falconer/The CW

We haven’t seen Audrey Marie Anderson in a few episodes, so it was great to have her back this week as Lyla. And not only did she return, but she was an integral part of the action and helped us remember how badass she is and why we love her and Diggle so much. Hands down my two favorite parts of the episode were watching those two fight together because they’re so in sync and so cute together. Give us more Diggle and Lyla! —C.A.
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