Credit: Giovanni Rufino/ABC

ABC is cleaning house for next fall.

The network just canceled five shows — seven if you count two limited series that also are not returning.

Here are the titles not coming back next season:

Deception, a crime procedural about a magician (Jack Cutmore-Scott) that’s only nine episodes into its freshman run.

Alex, Inc., a sitcom about a startup that’s also been on for only nine episodes.

The Crossing, an acclaimed allegorical sci-fi drama series that’s only aired six episodes.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, a high-concept comedy about a man (Jason Ritter) performing good deeds that aired 16 episodes and had its finale in March.

The Mayor, a well-reviewed comedy starring Brandon Michael Hall as an aspiring rapper who unintentionally becomes mayor of a small town. The show aired 13 episodes before it was pulled from the schedule in January.

ABC is also confirming that two limited series that aired earlier this season are dead. Neither were expected to come back, exactly, but both likely would have found a way to continue if they had been hits.

One was Marvel’s Inhumans, which was a high-profile attempt to launch a new comic book event series, but it struggled mightily on Friday nights last fall.

The other was Ten Days in the Valley, which returned Kyra Sedgwick to TV for a close-ended thriller.