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May 10, 2018 at 09:30 AM EDT
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If you want to talk about having daddy issues, Jack pretty much has everyone else in the world beat. Mostly because his father is Lucifer, which is precisely why Jack hasn’t been dying to meet the guy responsible for his angelic half. That, plus the fact that since coming into this world at the end of Supernatural’s 12th season, Jack has had many father figures in his life, from Castiel to Sam and Dean. However, considering that last week’s episode ended with Lucifer walking into Jack and Mary’s camp in the Apocalypse World, it’s now officially time for the father-son to say hello, an event that each of them will approach very differently.

“For Jack, there was a level of curiosity right off the jump about his father,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb tells EW. “He considered Castiel to be his adopted father, if you want to call it that, so meeting Lucifer has never been a high priority for him, and the more he hears what’s bad about Lucifer, the more he’s worried about it. That being said, I’ll speak as someone who actually is adopted, there is always that curiosity, so when he comes face-to-face with him, Jack’s going to see some things in Lucifer that he maybe, in a self-loathing-type way, sees in himself as well.”

But as far as Lucifer is concerned, getting to Jack has been a central goal of his since the moment he found out that Kelly was pregnant last year. “From Lucifer’s point of view, you’re dealing with a character who has tried a few apocalypses, tried to run heaven, tried to be president very briefly, and it’s all fallen apart for him,” Dabb continues. “You cannot say Lucifer’s had a lot of success in his life. Just recently, after what he did in heaven, he’s sitting around and he’s like, ‘What else is there for me?’ And maybe it’s parenthood. Lucifer’s trying to define himself through having a child, basically. For him, it’s much more important to make contact with Jack, it’s much more important to have that bond, to see something of himself in this kid.”

All that being said, it’s a safe bet that Lucifer didn’t expect to be reunited with his son in an alternate world where his brother Michael has killed most of humanity. “As is the traditional Supernatural way, it does not all go quite as planned,” Dabb says of the meeting. “But I think they’ve both got very strong opinions on each other, so we’re really hoping that bringing them face-to-face, something we’ve been setting up all season, is going to play really well. Seeing Alex [Calvert] and Mark [Pellegrino] acting off each other is a really cool, interesting, and very nuanced thing because they’re both playing about three different levels of things.”

The pair will meet up in this week’s episode of Supernatural, but that’s not the only thing the hour has in store. According to Dabb, “In episode 22 there is one more very exciting cameo coming up.”

Find out who he’s talking about when Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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