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Blindspot - Season 3

Want scoop on your favorite shows? Then come hang out in the Spoiler Room, where I attempt to satiate your need to find out what’s coming up on TV. If you want spoilers on a specific show, send Qs to my Twitter: @NatalieAbrams.

Please tell me you got some Outlaw Queen scoop for Once Upon a Time‘s finale! — Shira
I did indeed. We all know that Sean Maguire is putting in a return appearance, but when I asked Lana Parrilla if that meant Regina would finally get closure following Robin’s death, she played coy. “Yes and no,” she says. “It’s not so much closure. There’s a really beautiful moment that they share, but he represents a figure in her life when they come together. It’s interesting how they come together, it’s not at all what you think.”

Your Timeless tweet scares me! What happens in the finale?! — Jason
A lot. Seriously. A. Lot. But to get more specific, Lucy will come face-to-face with her mom in a surprising showdown, Wyatt will have trouble facing the truth about whether Jessica could actually be with Rittenhouse, and Rufus, well, if you blink during the promo for the two-hour finale, you’ll miss what I consider to be a shocking spoiler — shocking that they included it in the promo, I mean! Also, Jiya is a total boss in the finale, gaining a wealth of new info about her visions from an interesting source.

I’m afraid to know the answer, but is April going to die on Grey’s Anatomy? — Talley
Well, we know that Sarah Drew is bidding farewell to the ABC medical drama, so I’m a little worried myself. And Camilla Luddington did nothing to make me feel better about Thursday’s hour. “That episode is very emotional,” she says. “You will be on the edge of your seat because it is dire. There’s a reveal in that episode that the audience will hopefully enjoy watching.”

Can you tell us if we can expect any scenes between Marlize and Iris now that Marlize left DeVoe on The Flash? What kind of dynamic will they have now? — WestAllenBi
Now that the team realizes Marlize is DeVoe’s kryptonite, in many ways, Iris will put it upon herself to track her down, hoping to possibly sway Marlize to their side. Suffice it to say, Barry will be apprehensive about this turn of events. “When Iris wants to find Marlize and send citizens after Marlize, that seems sketchy to Barry,” Grant Gustin says. “Now it feels like we’re having people do our job for us a little bit. But Barry, as he tends to do with Iris, eventually comes around and sees it from her point of view, that Marlize is probably the only good thing left about DeVoe, and maybe that would benefit us, and we’ll be able to use that to get through to him.”

Blindspot season finale scoop? — Barbara
How about some pre-finale scoop that also includes some finale scoop? As some of you may have heard, Michelle Hurd makes her return this Friday. Let me tell you, Shepherd’s return is both juicy and surprisingly emotional. “I’m so excited to have Michelle Hurd back on Blindspot,” executive producer Martin Gero says. “You’ll see some very illuminating flashbacks as well as catch up with where Shepherd is now — which, as you can imagine, is not a great place. These last two episodes are massive. So much story gets wrapped up, so many things explained, and so many feels. You’re not gonna wanna miss them.”

I know we’ve got a while to wait, but any early scoop on the Supergirl finale, especially now that the other Worldkillers are gone? — Shana
Just because two Worldkillers died, that does not mean Kara can take a breather. In fact, she may find that her Worldkiller troubles are far from over. As for the finale, Melissa Benoist says the season-ender will be a big growth moment for the Girl of Steel. “With decisions she makes and how things transpire to wrap it up, she’s really taking ownership of herself,” Benoist says. “She’s maturing, which is what I’ve always wanted for her since season 1. I wanted to see a natural arc of a girl coming into womanhood, because she was almost naïve at the beginning, and just charging ahead not really knowing what she was doing. And now, I think she really does, and she is slowly chiseling out her place, wherever she wants to be.”

Anything on The Blacklist please! — Nancy
You mean the tease of a game-changing reveal wasn’t enough for you? Listen, to say anything more about the finale would tip the show’s hand, but I rustled up one last tease from EP Jon Bokenkamp about the hour. “I do think it is by far our most interesting and sort of disruptive cliffhanger that we’ve done,” he says. “It’s really gonna push the show in a really cool direction.”

My heart is broken over that Chicago P.D. finale. Will Hank be arrested for killing that guy next season? — Mira
That all depends on what Antonio actually said during his testimony. I wouldn’t assume he lied to help Hank, but we’ll have to wait until the show returns to get answers. “I think that’s season-premiere stuff that we want to address,” executive producer Rick Eid promises.

So what can expect from the very end of New Girl? — Dana
Here, let Winston, a.k.a Lamorne Morris, tell you himself: “The finale is very touching,” he says. “It’s gonna sound cliché, but I think you will get a warm feeling. Even while shooting it, we were in a weird place, because it was like, we just cannot believe this is happening.” Here’s hoping this tease isn’t just another one of Prank Sinatra’s mess-arounds.

Random question, but is Alistair Black played by Josh Charles on Deception? It kind of looked like him. — Jeff
Actually, no. But there’s a funny story behind who is playing their mysterious grandfather. “Oh my! Josh Charles would be an amazing Alistair!” EP Chris Fedak says of your query. “Unfortunately, we’ll have to settle for the also amazing Jack Cutmore-Scott. Not only is Jack playing Cameron and Jonathan, with the help of some rather extensive hair and makeup, he is also Alistair Black. Funny how nobody has guessed who their father, Sebastian, is, though. We heard his voice in 108. It’s another great Jack: Jack Davenport!”

This week in TV: I’ve been waiting four years to find out how 12 Monkeys ends, and at least we now know when it will end.

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Don’t forget to tweet your Qs to @NatalieAbrams.

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