By James Hibberd
May 10, 2018 at 01:05 PM EDT

Well, it’s about time!

Adult Swim has renewed Rick and Morty.

Not only that, but the order is for 70 more episodes — which is incredible. That will bring the full run of Rick and Morty to at least 101 episodes (which would make Rick Sanchez very happy).

How many seasons does this entail? Well, season 4, obviously. Beyond that, Adult Swim isn’t saying much except that this order represents “years to come.”

When will the show return? They’re not saying that either, though probably 2019 at this point.

Co-creator Justin Roiland announced the news first on social media:

For last year’s third season, Rick and Morty surged to become the top-rated comedy across all of cable. A fourth season renewal dragged out as co-creators Roiland and Dan Harmon sought to negotiate a better deal.