By Natalie Abrams
May 10, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT
Jack Rowand/ABC

With Once Upon a Time on the precipice of airing its two-hour series finale, EW has put executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis in The Hot Seat one final time. They have the option of answering your questions from Twitter with “Yes,” “No,” or “Can’t say.” Get the scoop below:

Regina was revealed in season 3 to be the strongest purveyor of light magic. Is there any chance that this will come into play before the series end?
ADAM HOROWITZ: Could be. Maybe. What are my choices again?

Will the season 3 prophecy about the boy being Rumple’s undoing come back into play?
HOROWITZ: That’s a very interesting question.
KITSIS: Let’s go with yes!

Will the episode contain one last flashback of the Enchanted Forest with Snow, Charming, and Regina?
KITSIS: Flashback? If that were re-phrased, we could answer it.

Will there be at least one Enchanted Forest scene with the three of them?

Will we see more than one Regina running around in the finale?

Since Wish Hook is real, will Regina finally be punished for killing the Charmings?
HOROWITZ: It is definitely addressed.
KITSIS: I would say she’s confronted with that past.

Will Jared Gilmore have a significant role in the finale?
KITSIS: Hell yes.
HOROWITZ: He’s great!

Will we see Killian and Emma interacting with their child?

Will Regina and Zelena have one last sister team-up in the last episode?

Is it the real Robin Hood we’re seeing in the finale?
KITSIS: I sure hope so.
HOROWITZ: Can’t say, maybe, who knows, yes, no.

Will Robin Hood meet his daughter?

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If everyone’s gone back in time does that mean Belle is alive?

Rumple is hoping to reunite with Belle in the afterlife. Any chance he could see Neal/Baelfire there as well?
KITSIS: Well, you know, it is the afterlife, so if he makes it there, I would think he could see anyone.

Will Wish Hook find a way to cure his heart?
KITSIS: Oh man, if not, he’s going to die, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Were you ever planning to do Tarzan or Pocahontas?
KITSIS: We’ve talked about both.
HOROWITZ: We feel that we hit what we wanted to hit. We had certainly talked about it. I think we’re very happy about who and what we saw.

Will we see any returning characters that haven’t been announced?
KITSIS: It’s hard to say because I don’t know what’s been announced!

Will we see any true love’s kiss in the finale?
HOROWITZ: I would say not necessarily in the way you’re asking. What you’re asking isn’t exactly how we’re approaching it.

Will there be a wedding in the final episode?

Will there be a major character death in the finale?

If the show had gotten an eighth season, would season 7 have ended the same way that it does?
KITSIS: Not necessarily. Probably not.
HOROWITZ: We probably would’ve wanted to get to this place when we did end, but no, this season would’ve ended differently.

Were there any other endings considered for the finale?
KITSIS: We knew enough in advance to plan.
HOROWITZ: There weren’t three other different versions of an ending. This is what we built toward and what we’re really happy to present to the audience.

Once Upon a Time‘s series finale airs over two weeks, starting Friday at 8 p.m. ET, and concluding Friday, May 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.