A Discovery of Witches (TV series)

Meet the Bishop clan.

Bad Wolf and Sky Productions have released the first photo of the witchy Bishop family from the upcoming A Discovery of Witches television series based on the best-selling trilogy by Deborah Harkness. The image has been shared exclusively with EW in the U.S. (and debuted earlier Wednesday on Radio Times in the U.K.).

It features Teresa Palmer, Alex Kingston, and Valarie Pettiford in character as witch/historian Diana and her aunts Sarah and Emily respectively. While Palmer was one of the first names announced, Kingston and Pettiford were part of the final casting announcement made last fall while the series was in production at the new Bad Wolf studios in Cardiff, Wales, and on location around the U.K. and Europe.

Palmer headlines the series as Diana Bishop, a science historian who also just happens to be a witch with a troubling past that has resulted in her suppressing her magical tendencies. When her research leads her to uncover a mysterious missing manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library, she sets in motion a series of events that will lead her on an adventure across time and continents to discover the secrets of her past and the truth about the origin of magical beings, which include witches, vampires, and daemons.

Credit: Courtesy of Bad Wolf and Ian Johnson PR

Along the way, she falls in love with a mysterious vampire named Matthew (portrayed by Matthew Goode) and turns to her overly protective aunts (who are also witches), Sarah and Emily, for assistance as she and Matthew work to uncover long-sought truths about magical individuals.

Casting was first announced last fall as production began in Wales and when the first trailer and photos dropped in November, fans were in a tizzy over getting their first glimpse of the beloved series onscreen, an event six years in the making.

This photo offers fans a first look at the Bishop family at home in their haunted (but in a good way) New England home — a setting that plays a crucial role in the climax of the first novel, which spans the entirety of the first season of the upcoming series.

A Discovery of Witches is set to premiere on Sky this fall, while a U.S. distributor has yet to be named.

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