It's time to bring in the big guns!!

And by big guns, we mean Uma Thurman's character Lenny Cohen in the next episode of Imposters. In an exclusive clip obtained by EW, Lenny sits down with Jules (Marianne Rendón) for what can only be described as one-heck-of-an-intimidating conversation.

Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Bravo
Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Bravo

The episode marks the first appearance by Thurman so far on the show's second season, and with the Bumblers and Maddie (Inbar Lavi) still evading the doctor, it seems like good, old (read: terrifying) Lenny is needed to get the job done. We've already met Lenny's ex-husband Shelly Cohen this season, played by one of the show's executive producers Paul Adelstein (Prison Break), who is equally as manic and scary as his ex.

"Originally Paul was going to play Lenny Cohen," EP Adam Brooks previously shared with EW. "Uma's an old friend and I showed her the pilot because she wanted to see it and she was like, 'I really want to be in this show, do you have a part for me in the second season?' I told her, 'I think we have a part for you in the first season.'"

We can only hope the former spouses will share a crazy-tense scene soon, but in the meantime we might get to learn a thing or two about Jules' past from Lenny's no-nonsense and psycho-analytical conversation with her. At this point is seems Jules has no concept of with whom she's sharing a drink — we can tell because she hasn't gotten up and sprinted away from the table.

Check out the exclusive clip above and tune into Imposters Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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