Stephen Colbert also wonders when Trump will have to make a hush payment to keep Giuliani quiet

Seth Meyers put it this way when he unpacked Rudy Giuliani’s contradicting statements over the past few days: “This burrito is falling apart.”

Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and member of Trump’s legal team, made a string of appearances on various news networks to talk about President Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels. Daniels received a $130,000 payment from Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, to keep quiet about an alleged affair.

Trump initially told reporters on Air Force One earlier this month that he didn’t know anything about the payment. Giuliani then said Trump did know about it, and Trump later tweeted Cohen was reimbursed for the NDA payment through his own retainer. The president then spoke to an assembly of reporters, stating, Giuliani “started yesterday, he’ll get his facts straight.”

“Trump talks about him like he’s a trainee at Chipotle,” Meyers joked. “‘Excuse me, my burrito fell apart.’ ‘I’m sorry. He just started yesterday. He’s a great guy.'”

Meyers continued through the series of events by discussing when the president was confronted by a reporter about his denial of knowledge about the payment on Air Force One. “You take a look at what I said. You go back and take a look. You’ll see what I said,” Trump shot back.

“Okay, let’s all go take a look at what he said,” Meyers said before showing the audience footage of Trump claiming to know nothing about the Daniels payment.

“What this episode should make blindingly obvious, as if it hadn’t already been obvious for years since he first claimed that President Obama wasn’t born here, is that Trump and his inner circle are serial, habitual liars,” Meyers concluded. “They lie constantly and they do it on purpose. This particular case is as clear-cut as you can possibly get, and the media need to call these what they are: lies.”

Stephen Colbert, for one, is wondering when Trump will have to make a hush payment to keep Giuliani quiet.

The host of The Late Show referred to a clip of Giuliani telling ABC News that $130,000 didn’t seem like a plausible amount for a hush payment. “$1.3 million is a great deal of money,” the lawyer said.

“Now we know how much it will cost to silence Giuliani and Trump might have to do it because this weekend Giuliani screwed him hard,” Colbert cracked.

Watch the late-night hosts discuss Giuliani in the clips above.

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