By Kristen Baldwin
May 07, 2018 at 10:46 AM EDT
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO
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Westworld fans can be relentless about their hunt for spoilers — just ask the producers. The stars of HBO's futuristic thriller are well-trained in the art of evading and deflecting queries from reporters and eager fans — but at least one of them admits to cracking under pressure. Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard Lowe — the park's chief programmer and a newly self-aware host — says there was one fan who wore him down with his persistent questions about the many mysteries of Westworld.

"I broke once with a fan. I broke once with my son, and he regretted it," said Wright, during an interview for EW's new podcast Chasing Emmy, "He'd been on set [in season 1] and he was really engaged with it. He asked one too many questions and insisted that I answer — I did, and then he regretted it. So I've told him nothing going into season 2, and likewise, I tell anyone who asks me nothing. I won't be broken. I learned my lesson." <iframe src="" width="300" height="200" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" class="" allowfullscreen="" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>

Wright also offered some non-spoilery teases for Bernard's journey this season ("The rabbit holes have a sub-basement," he jokes) and noted how helpful it is for him, as a performer and a fan of the show, to rewatch old episodes. "In going back and watching the pilot, which I did a few weeks before [shooting] the season 2 premiere, I did discover some bright lights that I had missed prior, because I wasn't aware of where we were heading. So it's good fun to do that," he noted. "There are some flashing street signs along the way."

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